concerned about the effects

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My neighbor's daughter is ADHD. Her parents are going through a divorce. Since then, the mother took upon herself to start their daughter on medicine for her ADHD. The dr prescribed Adderall.

I had the chance this weekend to be around her for the first time since she has been on the medication. She has been way too calm and not wanting to play with my children at all anymore. All she has wanted to do is sit down and do things alone. She is usually a very active person playing outside the majority of the day.

I disagree with the effects of this medicine over the benefits. Although she is doing better in school, she is not wanting to play or interact with anyone. I would never put my child on a controlled substance! I have had an anxiety disorder and social phobia since I was a kid.

I was once on medicine at age 16. Not by choice though. The medicine worked. However, now that I'm 23 years old, married with 2 children, I choose not to take medicine. In the older days, there was no antidepressants or medicines for children who were thought to be ADHD. There was not a thing such as it!

I think doctors, teachers, and schools are putting way too much emphasis on this. Kids are kids! They will grow into adults normal just like a child did in the olden days who were hyperactive and they didnt know what it was then!! I feel very strong on this topic!

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Sep 20, 2007
Re: Dr Sears
by: TJ Chambers

Thanks for posting your comment. You said that your mom "reads your blog" routinely. I am guessing that you are talking about my site I agree very much that Diet helps ADHD.

Diet is very crucial to help ADHD. It is crucial really to most diseases and disorders. Our foods are loaded with chemicals that really do us in.

There is another part to that, probably a few. That is vitamins and minerals. I changed my diet and that helped but it didn't do the full trick. One of the big things about ADHD is that we are mineral deficient and nutrient deficient.

I didn't get any results from the various supplements that I used until I started using this particular liquid vitamin and mineral supplement. That pushed me over the edge.

Another thing that is a potential, is a thyroid problem. Dr Inge Wetzel from says that if you have ADHD, then you have a thyroid problem.

There also could be a heavy metal problem in the body. That pretty much sums it up even though there are some details in each category.

Sep 20, 2007
Dr. Sears’ ADD & Nutrition
by: Anonymous

My mother reads your blog routinely. I wanted to share this article with you. It’s very interesting. By bringing out the good points, a doctor explains how nutrition is all anyone ever needs to fight ADD.

The doctor starts out by referring to Paris Hilton’s infamous run-in with a DUI felony. Paris has been on medication for ADD since she was a child and all of the drugs come with nasty side-effects. Dr. Sears directs patients to the “Modern Diet,” stating that nutrition works as an alternative solution.

He makes a convincing argument. Can society really have been duped by the medical prescription field for so long?

Check it out:

I am anxious to hear your feedback. Thanks, -Todd

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