Depression and ADHD: Taking stimulants and still super tired

by Guest

Diagnosed with ADHD and more recently depression. I started taking Zoloft 2 years ago while also taking concerta. Neither was doing much for me so I switched to Wellbutrin XL which seemed to be helping, meanwhile my Dr took me off of adhd meds saying that the Wellbutrin works as a boost so stimulants wouldn’t be necessary.

My biggest issues are sleepiness which causes a lack of productivity which in turn adds to the depression. Obviously I can’t cover everything in this post but I want to hear from people about what combination of medications they are using to combat ADHD and depression.

I switched doctors and am still taking Wellbutrin but started taking Focalin but almost feel like it could be making me more tired. I can take the medication in the morning and go right back to sleep. I want to try vyvanse or adderall because I believe it could help with the extreme fatigue but I would have to switch antidepressants which I would be open to.

Mostly just looking for advice because I have been trying different concoctions of drugs for 2 years and am getting quite tired of it.

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