Do medications really damage the liver?

by TJ Chambers

Over in our Facebook group someone posted a question.

Now, many times, this is very challenging for me because...

...people don't know what they don't know.

I'm sure you have heard that phrase before.

I don't think less of people because of that...

I remember when I had no clue at all. Even back in my childhood when I struggled with depression, hating life, sick all the time, and had out of control ADHD symptoms.

I'm not joking when I say this... I just wanted to die and be done.

So I know the pains and struggles children go through.

This is why I have to help people to make their life better.

I see myself as an educator and a person that provides solutions
to help improve the lives of families.

One of the reasons why I created this resource to help people learn about ADHD symptoms and what to do about it.

What was the question that was asked?

A mother that has been opposed to medication is in despair because of her 12 year old son that is figeting and his teachers can't take it any longer.

She asked, "...What meds are available, safe, and have few side effects"?

Good question, but there is a problem.

I made a very controversial statement...

...and I was challenged on it twice by the same person.

Here is what I said that was controversial, "There are no safe medications..."

This has to be a big shocker.

No safe medications?

That was challenge number 1 to my statement.

The challenger said, "There are many safe medications...benedryl being one of the safest pediatric meds out there but it isn't for ADHD".

Maybe this person never looked at the warnings and side effects of Diphenhydramine (benedryl)?

See for your self here Side effects and warnings.

For it to be safe, there has to be no damage done to the body. This "safe" product no only has allergic reactions, hallucinations, pain when urinating, constipation, nausea, nervousness, but it may also attack the liver.

That was the next statement I made. I said all medications attack the liver.

You see...

The liver filters the blood from all toxins and poisons. Medications can cause hepatitis, liver damager, and/or liver disease.

This was the next challenge. This same person said, where do you get your information from because she didn't believe what I said.

I just sent her to the website on the Liver. It even talks about how the liver functions and clearly says that medications (including over the counter) can and does cause liver damage, liver disease, and hepatitis.

So with all this, are there really "safe" medications?

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Sep 25, 2014
adhd and the liver
by: Anonymous

Finally someone says something true. Do not forget about the poor kidneys as well. Also it is important to point out that the liver regenerates but eventually cannot take anymore abuse. In addition do not the valuable role the immune system play to assist the liver. Note all chemicals are toxic it is a matter to what level and can the body handle the workload to remove them once they are finished with them.

I would like to is there any connection between the mind (frustration, attention, and memory) and the role of the liver? Toxic accumulation in the lymphatic system and breast feeding?

Jan 30, 2013
Great Comment
by: Tj Chambers

Hey Kathi,

Great comment! Wow. I was just ripped apart and told I am not trained in medicine or health and I have no idea what I am talking about.

You definitely nailed it!

Jan 30, 2013
We Will Never Believe
by: Kathi

What we can't see we will never truly accept as fact...

I work predominantly in allergies and diabetic control. Many people with diabetes, originally they have no clue many of their problems often do stem from a hidden allergy. Mention this to your conventional medicine physician though and they will think you are nuts.

But we as a society are "programmed" from birth that reality has to be something tangible. We must be able to see it, touch it, smell it or hear it. If we can't, well the chances of it being true, even maybe possible are just, well remote.

This is one of the reasons many people have to struggle to understand that a celiac CAN"T TOUCH gluten. If they do, rub their face and then lick their lips they are actually destroying an integral part of their health. But no one sees all of this going on so exaggeration is the supposition.

Any allergy the general public has a difficult time accepting the words at face value. A peanut will kill...sure, and what planet are you from?

So yes, medications usually originate from toxic chemicals, trial and error in a test tube, toxic minerals and are a recipe which comes straight from a "drug factory". Most of these compounds are totally foreign to the human body.

And what the human body does not or can not recognize, it does lead to an eternal road to
degradation within the human body.

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