Eniva Vibe Was A Revolutionary Product That Changed My Life

In 2006, I was approached by Chadwick Schroeckenthaler. He told me about Eniva Vibe from the Eniva Corporation. I was already using products from another company and was not interested in trying something different.

But, I was using tablets and was interested in trying a liquid because of the way the vitamin and mineral tablets made me feel. I hated the feeling of the pills sitting in my stomach.

Chad told me that the product he had was nothing like any other and it was a liquid. He sent me a free bottle to prove to me it was good. Who wouldn't take the offer? Since I tried lots of different things, I didn't mind giving it a try.

I stopped taking my other vitamin and mineral supplements and waited a week. I took an ounce of the Eniva Vibe.

The first noticeable thing is the taste. People say it taste so good. Don't believe it. It is a supersweet, supertart taste. It has a similar taste to hundreds of flinstone vitamins smashed up and turned into a liquid.

I have used other products like barley green. This stuff taste great compared to that crap. I promise that. It takes some time to get use to the taste of this product and isn't so bad once you use it everyday.

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It certainly is more bearable in 6-8 oz of water or grape juice.

A few minutes after taking the product, my body started to buzz. That was a shocker. I never felt results day one with any product.

Let's advance a week. Within a week I felt a big change. I was using the minimum requirement of 1oz a day. I felt better, I was able to sleep better, and concentrate and focus better.

Within 1 week, my life started to change dramatically. This was amazing! The last product that I used, I was told wait 6 months before really getting the results I was seeking.

With some trials, I found that I need at least 3 oz's a day.

Before, I had a problem focusing and concentrating. It was terrible. I had really bad mood swings. I would be angry, hyperactive, depressed, calm, and other things within a short period of time.

My girlfriend suffered badly from my mood swings.

Here is what I get with 3 oz's a day.

While I used the 1st Eniva Vibe, my moodswings were down by 95%. I could concentrate and focus so much better. I don't even know how to describe how much better my brain was functioning.

People, like my psychologist, told me that they can't even tell that I have ADHD. That is the new one I was seeing that didn't diagnose me.

I also didn't get sick very much while my roomates passed around strepped throat. I had a day and a half where I thought I was getting it but all the symptoms were gone quickly. One of my roomates was sick for a week. The other one was sick for 2-3 weeks.

Where am I today?

It is sad that I have to say I no longer use Eniva's Vibe. It was a great product before they made all the changes to it and in my opinion ruined it. I have moved on to working on the root causes of my symptoms and changing my diet. I'm actually feeling good which I am surprised at.

Click this link if you want to see Why I don't use Eniva Vibe.

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