erratic behavior during the "crash"

by Denise

I recently moved in with my best friend and her husband. She is in her late twenties and is a professional, well-to-do woman. Since college, she has been taking the drug for ADHD. She is a wonderful, caring and compassionate person. However, spending time with her on a daily basis, I have come to realize the adverse effects the drug is having on her life.

She works long hours with a 70 mile commute to work. At the end of the day, she becomes a different person. She is erradic, aggressive, impulsive, moody, severely agitated, careless, overly self-envolved, absurdly sensitive and sometimes down-right cruel.

She doesn't accept any criticism of her behavior, and I feel one day it may irrevocably damage her marriage or other close personal relations. She has also become very vain and narcissistic, enjoying the weight loss side effects of the drug in a very egotistical way. She won't consider coming off the drug because she doesnt want to gain weight.

She never used to be so...b****y. I will always be her friend, but I really feel sorry for her husband who has to deal with her for the rest of his natural life. I couldn't deal with it were I in his predicament. It has come to the point where I am not comfortable sharing a household with her.

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Sep 25, 2016
Thanks for your ignorance.....
by: Jennifer Gordon

Thank you so much for your ignorance. I've struggled with AHDH my whole life. Being a 30 year old woman with adult ADHD, well, everyday life is not as easy as it is for normal people. Those are all symptoms of ADHD.

Do you even know that you are the worst type of friend? Or do you actually believe your helping? I'll let you in on something... This is just how YOU see her, not everyone.

Here is some advice: Communication is key in this situation. Instead of just thinking she's a bitch and that its "her meds"(my god how I hate that phrase), try to figure out what it is about YOU that upsets her to the point that she feels she can no longer confide in you. If she's getting agitated with you easily, then you either don't understand her and she's frustrated to the point that she's literally screaming, trying to get you to see something the way she does, which you won't because your one-sided, closed minded, and boring.

That, or she's already given up trying to explain and figured out that you'll never understand her. People like you, they don't understand ADHD. They don't see ADHD as a disorder, and they have one view, that's it. People with ADHD can see anyone's point of view. Thing about people with ADHD, is we have a hard time trying to explain what anything altogether, yet alone their point of view.

I'm actually surprised you can call her a friend, since it's obvious she can't even speak to you. Also, it's obvious you don't plan on seeing anything her way.

My boyfriend thinks I'm the same way, but he's slowly starting to get it. I've been called erratic and I'm always wondering why, now I know.
It's ashame, not many people even understand ADHD and there people that you just will never get to understand ADHD.

Trust me, her husband knows about how she is, and he still chose to marry her. You DO NOT have the right to meddle in someone else's love life or even have a damn opinion about it, unless you want to sleep with her husband. Also, because you don't even understand her as a person. You definitely don't need to go running around talking about how her meds make her act a certain way, and all of the other all terrible adjectives you used.

People that don't know her could get a preconceived notion that is totally wrong, if you keep whispering this CRAP into people's ears. People that have known her a long time (actually KNOW her) and understand her, know that she's not really a bitch. She's just a bitch to you. I very much dislike people like you. People that just sit back, judge, and think they're smart enough to put their ignorant opinions in on something that they knew nothing about, acting like its factual. Do some research on ADHD. Don't embarrass yourself like this again.
Again, thanks for your ignorance. I now know what to write my research paper on, AND my informative essay. Too bad your piece isn't scholarly in any sense of the word, or else I could have used this in my research paper. I may still going to try.... It can be from the point of view of not only a regular person, but, the point of view from a pretentious, self-riotous, bitch.

Jennifer Gordon

P.S AGAIN, You should do your research before writing your opinion down and calling it a journal entry. Shame on you.

Nov 06, 2015
love poems
by: King

It is very sad to hear the story of your friend. Work pressure and long distance traveling can really upset the mood. Hopefully everything gets back to normal.

Feb 08, 2015
reality check NEW
by: Anonymous

Maybe that's just how she really is. I have adhd. I'm exactly like that. People don't change the mask just comes off

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