Feeling Someone Else's Pain

by maggie

We adopted a baby girl that is now twenty years old. She has a very high IQ,skipped two grade levels in school and attended Harvard at the age of 16. She has always been gifted and way beyond her years. One of the things we were so surprised about is that she can feel other people and animals pain to the point of tears ect.,sometimes lasting for hours and the pain will be in the same area on her body. Have you ever heard of this before?

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Jun 07, 2012
I experience this as well
by: megan

I have been dagnosed with fibromyalgia but all my life have felt ntense pain(usually in my collarbones for some reason) when i see or hear of others hurting. think that this happens to quite a few people. I work with the public and not suprisingle my pain has gotten progressively worse. think some people are just wired different than others.

Mar 13, 2012
feeling others pain
by: Michelle age 34

What u are describing is what I have... empathetic physical pain... which my regular MD called Fibromyalgia and a gifted spiritual friend called "clairsentience"... I even feel the emotional pains of my friends... About 3 years ago my Grandma Marion died from a lifetime battle with diabetes. Although I was devastated by that I couldn't shake the feeling that something else was wrong... I get home after being away for three days. i have this overwhemling feeling that "I'd better check my answering machine right away!! So, i hit play. i could tell from Brad's voice that something WAS terribly wrong... He was suicidal & I knew simply from his tone of voice!! i called our building security guard & the next day Brad checked himself into the psychiatric ward!! I took a cab home from a doctor's appointment. Within about 2 minutes I have a massive headache. i ask the other passenger if HER head hurts. She says, "i was just told I have a brain tumor". i pointed on my head to where it hurt me & said "is THIS where it hurts" she replied "how did u know that... i haven't even told my family that"!! I told her that I could feel her pain & would be praying for her healing & recovery of brain cancer. She began to cry & told me how her mom used to hit her in the head when she'd bring home lousy report cards... Hence a tumor in the EXACT place where her Mom had hit her over 30 yrs ago. She didn't even recall those events until that moment!

Mar 28, 2011
Feeling pain
by: TJ Chambers

I have felt others emotions before. Sometimes its their pain, their hatred towards me, or other emotions.

I haven't heard about feeling pain in the body where others do. She must be really sensitive for that to happen.

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