Feels Like I'm Being Singled Out at Work

by Dean

Hi guys! So to begin with, I've always had trouble with my ADHD since I was a child, but I wasn't recently diagnosed until last year (when I was 23)(I had two doctors who told me I was imagining things before having four doctors and a therapist tell me I actually did have it).

Anyways, everyone at work knew I had it, but after I was officially diagnosed I gave all my doctor's proof (or whatever you call it) to my boss and her supervisor - I work in a shipping warehouse, were each employee is given their own shipping desk to pack products; think of us like amazon, only with humans.

I've always had issues wandering away from my desk and talking to people or getting distracted by something, but that is slowly getting better. However, there is this girl at work (literally a girl, because she just graduated high school) who wanders away from her desk twice as much to talk to people (for example, today she came in at 10, and by 10:15 she had already wandered away from her desk 3 times). She DOES NOT have ADHD, she is just extremely lazy. Every other one of my coworkers have noticed her doing these acts - they've also noticed that I have been doing better. I brought it up to my boss, a week ago, and she told me; "Well, if I give her the talk, I'd have to give you the talk too because you wander too." The thing is, we have multiple cameras in the warehouse, and they know she wanders and talks too much or avoids doing her job, while I only leave my station to go to the bathroom or get supplies.

Today, we were EXTREMELY short staffed, so after she wandered away for the third time within 15 mins, I asked her nicely to please not wander away so much, because we were ver busy and extremely short staffed. She went to my boss. My boss pulled my into the office and told me to stop talking to this girl because I 'wander just as much', and the next time I wander I will be written up. She, however, was not pulled into the office or talked to.

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Jul 04, 2015
Focus on your own performance.
by: Anonymous

Don't allow yourself to get sucked into voicing your feeling to those around you on the job.

Word WILL get around, so the only thing you will accomplish by doing so is alienating the ones you are talking about, as well as the management because it makes them look and feel incompetent.

Fairness in the workplace is uncommon this day and time TJ. There are too many individuals who want the most reward for the least amount of effort.

So just focus on doing YOUR job to the best of your ability. It's your BEST approach.

No one has the right to expect more of you.

If things get too ridiculous, look for another job.

Jul 03, 2015
You may need to keep to yourself
by: TJ

Hi Dean,

Be careful with being a victim. Sometimes our view of a situation that is happening is our reality but may not be the whole reality that is happening.

I know what it is like to pick up others slack. My wife tells me about the situations at work where she gets told about coming in a couple minutes late and the girl next to her comes in 15 minutes late.

Just don't cross the line between doing your job and managing other employees. Telling someone else they need to be at their station doesn't seem like your responsibility.

If you werent given that responsibility, don't take it upon yourself to do it. As you already see, it gets you into trouble.

Also be careful to not complain to much about it. My wife would take issues like this to her boss and it was turned around on her that she thinks she does all the work and no one else does.

Also be careful of how much this bothers you because it could impact your job performance, your attitude towards other employees, and management. You could end up in trouble or without a job.

Just focus on you and what you have to do and make sure you do your job.

I think that is the best advice.

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