Fiji Water Vs Tap Vs Alternatives

by TJ Chambers

I came across a video with the same ol story, bottled water vs tap water.

I used to be a big bottle water drinker but something happened to me that led me on a research journey that caused me to stop drinking it.

I will share that after the video below.

One thing this video talks about that I agree with, bottled water is very pricey.

One thing I completely disagree with..... Tap water taste better than Fiji water.

I think tap water is disgusting. I haven't drank it in so long that I had a little taste the other day and I was reminded why people hate drinking water. If I had to drink that again, I wouldn't either. I would rather drink Fiji although I really don't like Fiji.

I'm not even going to mention the details of the junk in water that will make you sick to your stomach!

I discovered cheaper and very good tasting water so I don't have to worry about tasting bad water.

I will also tell you about that below the video.

What is good tasting water?

There are a few options.

The best that I like is the RODI (Reverse Osmosis De-Ionized) water that Whole Foods sells from a machine for around .39 a gal. That is real cheap as well.

The water is real clean, taste very good, and I get 10 gallons at a time (2 - 5 gal poly-bicarbonate jugs).

If you can't find RODI, try RO. Get a PH meter and make sure the water is at least 7.0 PH so it is balanced. You don't want it acidic.

If it is below 7.0 PH, it is acidic and can decrease the PH of your body. Lowering the PH causes your body to pull calcium from your bones to bring the PH up. This causes osteoporosis.

Just a bad situation.

Bottled water tends to be acidic. So check the bottled water you are drinking.

I was drinking a lot of bottled water, a long time ago, and I ended up with kidney stones a couple times. After doing a lot of reading, I discovered that the water leaches out the chemicals in the plastic and makes the water acidic.

So I stopped!

I've been drinking from the poly-bicarbonate bottle and haven't had any issues. There is the issue with BPA or other chemical bi-products with plastics that are a concern.

Before I noticed that Whole Foods had RODI, I was drinking steam Distilled Water.

This water has been used for a very long time by various health teachers, ND's, and herbalists. So I trust it. It is comparable to RODI water.

Whole Foods has steam distilled bottled water but it is very expensive. Target has some that taste very good. When it is filtered with a charcoal, it adds a very nice taste to it.

You can get your own steam distiller or RODI unit to make water. Keep in mind that steam distillers put off a lot of heat and take time to make the water.

FYI there are a lot of myths about distilled water that I found just aren't true. Like fish can't live in distilled water. I had gold fish that lived in distilled water for a while.

Comment below on what you think about Fiji Water or Tap water.

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Jun 07, 2015
Yes it matters NEW
by: TJ

Does water PH matter?

Yes it does. While the stomach has an acidic PH, different parts of the body's PH is different. Some acidic, some alkaline.

For most people, their diet consists of acidic food. So their liquid also being acidic contributes to an over acidic condition.

Soda is a major part of people's liquid intake and it's very acidic.

If someone drinks water that is just barely acidic may not make much of a difference but if it is a point or two, it could.

Drink balanced PH water can help some by changing 1 part of the total amount of acidic drinks and foods.

When I drink something that is acidic, I can tell. It makes a big difference for me.

Will balanced PH water alone fix an over acidic diet?


Having a diet high in vegetables and balanced PH water will make a huge difference.

There are people that have seen some results with drinking high PH water and we are seeing a lot of high PH bottled water showing up on the market.

Jun 06, 2015
Seriously? NEW
by: Anonymous

It always amazes me when people think the pH of drinking water makes any difference at all. Your stomach has a pH of about 2. Comparable to battery acid. You really think the tiny bit of acidity in a glass of water makes a difference? Seriously? That said, properly filtered water does taste better. A pretty good filter system is a couple of hundred bucks. For most people, that makes sense, unless you are renting. Unfiltered my water has about 400 ppm Total Dissolved Solids. (TDS) after the filter, it is 7 to 14 ppm, most of which is probably sodium from the water softener. Thay probably compares ok with filtered water from other sources. Distilled water has a TDS OF 0.

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