Fun and Stimulating Reading Resource

by TJ Chambers

I came across a website that has interactive videos, games, and songs to help children learn to read. The categories are for 18 months & up, 3 years & up, and 5 years & up.

The products are built on Dr Maria Montessori's philosophy. Some say she was ahead of her time. She was born in Italy in 1870 and became the first female physician in 1896.

She became interested in how children learn and left her medical practice to become an educator.

She created a blueprint for educating children, from the learning disabled to the gifted, and for helping children to become self motivated, independent, and life-long learners.

You will find many of her concepts in early childhood education.

She pioneered these ideas:

  • The most important period of life is from birth to 6 (this is when intelligence is formed)

  • Early stimulation is important for success in later learning

  • Children learn from an active and hands-on approach that uses all 5 senses.

  • Learning materials should be interesting, reality oriented, and designed to facilitate self-correcting and the refinement of sensory perceptions.

  • Real learning involves the ability to do things for oneself, not the passive reception of knowledge.

  • Imposing immobility and silence hampers a child's ability to learn

  • Children take a natural pleasure in learning and that the sense of accomplishment that comes from learning is the basis of self-confidence necessary for independence.

Her philosophy, materials and practices have spread around the globe. There are thousands of Montessori schools in the USA. Her Philosophy is the founding principles of Montessori Home Inc and is woven into every element of their products.

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