HELP with 4 yr old

by Cathy

Image by:  Bill Strain - CEZANNE PAINTS LILI - Not image of grandaughter

Image by: Bill Strain - CEZANNE PAINTS LILI - Not image of grandaughter

My 4 yr old granddaughter is out of control.

She doesn't sleep all night, always going, talks up a storm, getting i to mischief
She is seeing a physiologist, who hasn't mentioned anything.
Is there a special diet or natural remedie we can try until we see her pediatrician?
She also has no fear of anything.
I don't know what all this is.
Any suggestions!!! At wits end

Image by: Bill Strain - CEZANNE PAINTS LILI

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Nov 12, 2017
by: Tj

You are welcome. After reading your original comment I visited the page and realized I never updated it with the most up to date information I have learned about a proper diet so I re-wrote the page then sent you the link.

I just made some additional updates to the page that I missed and now it is complete.

Nov 12, 2017
Add adhd help
by: Stacey

Eat vegetables
Little bit of fruit
Gluten free flour
Protein like
Turkey and chicken
Earbs and spices
No artificial sugar and cut out sugar
Fish oil
1 hour of exercise every day
Half hour of tv
Half hour of ipad or gadgets
Dance with her
Sun or vitamin d
Omega 3 fatty acids
Plenty of water every day
Alimination diet find out what foods shes alergic to kids usually feel better when they give up sugar gluten fast food frozen food prepared foods cake mixes artificial sugar give up food dyes
Take vitamin c vitamin b's
Give up candy and other junk food
Sometimes give her somethings that she wants because you cant take away everything altogether like give her something once in a while shes a kid.
Theres a great dr dr. Amen . he does a brain scan and he can see what is going on in her brain. Hes wonderful. Check out he knows all about add and adhd.
Hope this helps.

Nov 12, 2017
Thank you TJ
by: Anonymous

Thank you TJ for that link you sent. Very very informative!!!

Nov 12, 2017
See if Diet helps
by: TJ

As mentioned by another commenter, examine her diet. I bet she has a lot of sugar/carbs that is making her so wired. This can cause all kinds of issues with behavior. Review this page for some tips to help with that.

Control ADHD with diet

Nov 12, 2017
Help for your granddaughter
by: Anonymous

What is your granddaughter eating? Remove all artificial food coloring from her diet and feed her more healthy proteins and heathly essential fatty acids.

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