How do I make this stop?

by Anonymous Visitor

So my mom and I have always been at odds when it comes to my ADHD. I dealt with it a lot in school, and we got into many arguments about how to treat it (she tried forcing me to go on meds even after I tried them and they really didn't work because "that's the only thing that will help"). Now as an adult, I live on my own and have a pretty good grip on it, I'm not on medication, and mom and I still talk. But she's really bad for tagging me on Facebook in videos and whatnot talking about ADHD and how the meds are to thank for me having any sort of control over it, or the doctors are to thank, or she's to thank, etc. I've talked to her before about how it makes me feel like she's dismissing all the effort I myself put towards my mental disorder and it's kind of embarrassing, since it's my choice who to tell that I have that, not hers. But she won't stop, and she honestly doesn't understand what's wrong with it. I want my mom to be a part of my life, but if I block her on Facebook I don't know if that'll happen. Help? How can I make her understand this isn't ok?

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