How to not get sick

by TJ

I was drinking this magic potion at work and my supervisor asked
me what that was.

I carry around this hard plastic container everywhere I go. It used
to only have RODI or Steam Distilled and Coconut Charcoal water
but now I have this great mixture in it.

It is green and has a minty flavor.

So I told it what it was.

So she asked me, will it make me not get sick.

Now that is a can of worms. I told her to not get sick is more complicated
than just drinking something.

Actually, I think it is impossible to not get sick.

Sounds weird right?

You might think that if you are healthy, you wont get sick.

But that may not be true.

Once you understand the body, how it works, what it needs, and what it is
telling you, (yes your body talks to you in many ways but don't get me
started with that), than this will make more sense.

When you get sick, you probably have a viral or a bacterial infection.

Now, if you have a weak immune system, you definitely would get sick more.
If you eat poorly, you definitely would get sick more but some of your sickness
symptoms are probably side effects of the bad diet.


Back to being sick.

If you get a fever, like my boss did, your body is (in the situation of being sick)
fighting off a virus. The body heats up because it will actually kill the virus by
getting to hot or chasing it out.

People tend to run to the doctors (like my boss and her husband did) when they
get a fever. They were only at 102 and felt that they needed their doctor to save

What do doctors do?

Oh no! its a fever, stop it!

What do I do? Hey I have a fever, drink plenty of fluids, stay hydrated, get in
a hot bath to increase my temperature, stay warm and wrapped up, and keep
drinking and napping.

Now what is wrong with me that I would do this?

Well, I'm working with the body. It wants to get hot and get this thing out.

Should you do this? I don't know you or your health history, so it is best to
consult your naturopathic doctor or your medical doctor to make sure you
take care of yourself.

Back to the never getting sick.

Being sick is simply the body telling you it is in a war against a foreign invasion.
It does this through symptoms.

This is a good thing.

This way you rest and let the body do its thing while helping it.

So if you never get sick (symptoms), you probably wouldn't rest when needed,
you wouldn't be able to help the body (by taking things like garlic, or olive leaf extract),
and who knows how long the foreign invader would hang around.

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May 03, 2014
If Only More Knew
by: Kathi

If only more people would understand the body getting a fever is not an emergency which requires a fast trip to the doctor begging for an antibiotic, a vaccine (so I don't get it to begin with) or any other kind of chemical concoction which is only capable of suppressing a few symptoms, then many more people would actually allow their body to build up the defenses necessary to thwart many major illnesses anyway.

A fever is not always a bad sign. As this article tells you, embrace it by learning to control it naturally. By the time the body has worked its way through it, you have set up the defenses within your immune system to probably prevent another re-occurence in a few months, years etc..

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