I hate having ADHD!! but sum times like it?

by steven searles

my name is steven 15 i love to work with electronics or computers it the thing im good at but i dont know why every 1 tells me that im very smart with computers but when ask how i know how i fix a problem there computer is having even when thy have a computer or electronic device i have never seen in my life or used i just figure it out i don't know how i just think its commonsense things and i dont just ask how to do i do this i have to figur it out on my owen and once i start i cant stop tell i fixed it when but yet i have never ben taught how to do this stuff every 1 says im so smart but at school thats completly untrue i pas my classes but by very little like for example in math i can sit there and find my self staring at 1 problem for minutes and there problems i can do but it like i just like freez up like i have no clue what im doing then all find my self slowly drifting into others conversation completely for getting my homework

also i have vary few friends if any because i never shut up but i cant seem to control it ether i talk to much or i dont talk at all.. and alot of times im aware that im being annoying but once i start i cant stop i mean im concise of what im doing but yet i keep doing it i just wish there was a way i could be normal and not annoying i never seem to be good at anything i can never fully accomplish something and if i am doing very good at something i get 2 place never ben in 1st for anything

i am always aware of people and always trying to impress them but i always end up trying to do this by trying to be like some1 els or i will find my self over exaggerating things

when ever i have a sleep over i never want to go to sleep but my friend dose and i cant understand that cuz im never tired i always need to be doing something like i cant just walk across the hall i have to jump or run if i do stay up very late then i will be tierd when i wake up in the morning but only for a wile and then its just like bang!! im ready to go

i just wish i could find some friend to talk to or some 1 that was just like me and knew what i was talking about and would hate me after the first 30seconds of knowing me and i wish i could do some thing right for once

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Jul 07, 2012
What i notice in your page.... NEW
by: beverly

HI Steven!!!

After reading your page, I can honestly tell that your'e a gifted. Your'e obviously hyperactive that you even forget your punctuation marks and I could almost hear a background of you talking excessively (but not breathless). I'm not as hyperactive as you since I'm a girl but like you, I also experience deficiensies and competencies in some areas that are probably caused by my attention deficiency and giftedness respectively. I'm not sure if I can share any advice or if it would be helpful since I too, am having confusions. But what I am sure of is that ADHD is a gift. Your gifts are a lot more dominating than those of your incompetencies, so be happy that your an ADHD.

Jun 06, 2010
Use your strengths and try to overcome weaknesses
by: Cheeta

Hi Steven, I am 40. looks like i have mild ADD.
I can relate to your experience.

i can find creative solutions because i keep thinking about the problem at hand for very long time, like while taking bath, eating, sitting idle.. i don't get tired of thinking about things that interest me. Many times people interrupt me and ask where I am (my attention).
Creativity, many times, is just putting existing ideas in a different/new combination to come up with a solution (to a problem at hand).
Suggestion to you: get the 'basics' very clear. ADD people probably have exceptional ability to combine basic ideas in a novel ways. But, if someone miss out on getting the basic principles, his/her creativity would be severely limited.
We guys just need little more effort to understand things initially (private tutor would be a great help), but once we absorb the basic information, we can apply it very well and can come up with wonderful and very useful ideas!
Improving focus would help: try aerobic exercises 30 min. session.
Learn to juggle with 3 balls (juggling.org, youtube).
Fish oil helped me a lot.
and have faith in yourself! Good luck.

Jan 24, 2010
ADHD reply
by: Anonymous

You sound like a very sweet young man. Like I tell my son who struggles with ADHD, be yourself because when you try to be like someone else, they could be trying to be just like you. I'm sure you have a beautiful spirit. Good friend are very hard to find. The one's you have to impress arn't worth your time, because a true friend will love you for who you really are. Keep your head up! :)

Jan 14, 2010
by: steven

hey thank you for understanding and thats cool we have so much in common

Jan 12, 2010
Very much like you
by: Andrej

Hey Steven,

I read through your page and noticed a lot of stuff we have in common... I'm 33 and I just recently realized I have ADHD after wondering for about the last 20 or so years about what was wrong with me... Just like you I've always been able to build/fix computers without ever having stepped foot in a class about it, yet I dropped out of high school because I couldn't focus on tests and homework enough... Throughout my life I've learned stuff that was seemingly too difficult for everyone else and it just came natural to me, yet it always bugged me I had all this potential and no way to really use it. I hope you get your ADHD under control soon, cause I was very mad I missed so many years of my life not living to my full potential. You're not "different", there's really a lot of us like it, we just don't go around flaunting it, cause sometimes it seems to ourselves that we're absolutely insane and don't want other people to know about it. Good luck!

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