I think I'm ADHD gifted and I love it

by Jonny Costa
(New Hampshire)

I literally will think of people and within seconds to minutes in school see them. Or for example in my town, I see a car that resembles someones car i know and within seconds I see that person. Some of my dreams come true very weird. I have hallucinations before falling asleep, my mind tends to jump around everywhere but the thoughts are really cool and intelligent. I can think of maybe 6-8 things at once. And be aware of most of the thoughts. I feel psychic all the time. And I tell people and they dont believe me its quite annoying. But ADHD is like awesome for me.

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Feb 06, 2012
Me too! NEW
by: Creative Mind Different-Order

I've had very similar experiences. When I was 7 years old at the fireworks 4th of july I was freaked out to the point of begging my mom to move to a different area. "Mom they're going to fall on us." She said, "no honey they just look like the will but they burn out into the sky." it was probably less than 15 minutes later a firework shot into the crowd and several were injured. Good thing mom listened and we moved. I've since predicted a car accident and it saved me and my husband's life - I told him when i was dozing off i had an image of us with blood running down our faces and to drive slower and be careful. an hour later a wheel fell off the car - luckily he was in the right lane driving slower from my precautionary vision. I found a therapist who recognized this ability within me as well - i think she had a similar gift. pretty amazing!

On my blog i re-wrote all the diagnostic symptoms of ADHD into "special gifts" take a read here:

Jun 19, 2011
Me too!
by: Angie

I feel that too. Recently diagnosed with ADHD at 39, I have always felt I have strong intuition or elementary psychic abilities. I can usually sense things about to happen or about people. Same thing on the phone. I can "feel" that person right before they call. I also have this ability that if I concentrate on a person I want to reach, I can "see" them in my mind, like it is reality and to show my feelings to them, and sure enough I will hear from them out of the blue. It used to creep me out at first but now I realize I have a gift, whatever that gift is.

Jun 24, 2009
knowing things before they happen
by: cheryl

i have those dreams and 'feelings' too... my mother has ADD, and she is the same...

Apr 16, 2009
My giftings of ADHD
by: TJ Chambers


I seem to take on character traits too. I never realized that it happens to others also.

Yesterday I kept feeling like I needed to call my friend. I also kept forgetting.

So today she calls me and I say, oh man, I was suppose to call you yesterday.

Well, she had a bad day yesterday and it is carrying over into today and so she called me.

Hey! All the similarities.

It is very easy to focus on others and help them. To help yourself, do this.

Treat yourself like you are one of them and help yourself accomplish your dreams.

It works, trust me.

Apr 16, 2009
Psycic Adhd
by: BionicMan83

I am having the same symptoms. I usuall know who is calling before i even look at the phone. I finish peoples thoughts when they struggle with the words. I seem to be very in tune with people's thoughts and feelings. But in my own life I find it hard to accomplish anything for myself. I often find myself feeling lost when I am alone. When people are around, and I tune into their feelings I often take on their character traits inadvertently. I need to find some balance. My own life is going down the toilet while I help others realize their dreams.

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