is it a disability?

by paul durso
(uk london)

of course it is.. BUT BEPENDING ON HOW YOU SEE LIFE. Most normal people i see are so caught up in their own little world that it bothers me and frustrates me... I like everything and am constantly looking for new things to stretch my mind. I may not actually carry on with the NEW project, but i know quite a lot about lots of different things... At school my teacher said that i would not pass my exams as i couldnt follow the correct procedures for writing. Maths was so confusing, history i knew was only written by the people who were in power, but i was a fast runner (14 years old 11.8 sec for 100 metres, i played county tennis, i played football everyday and night and played for 3 teams, i was the best swimmer. so in a way IF I HAD IF BEEN PUSHED into one of these and actually committed to it, i would of been successful. Now im a plasterer who does oil paintings and a fitness instructor, i'm interested in physics and sciences now that i have learnt to control it. Unfortunatly i still haven't learnt to articulate my thoughts to other people.. Im 38 years old with a bpm of 48 and everyone says i look about 25 (because i never really do old people things). I have the attitude now that i am BLESSED with this condition because i have more talent and opinions and knowledge than the so called normal people, and i believe that really successful people are just the complete opposite of adhd. THEY CAN FOCUS,THEY CAN STAY COMMITED ,AND THEY CAN FINISH... But for the majority of normal people i actually feel sorry for them.... By the way i self diagnosed myself after years of soul searching, went to the doctors and told him. He said i was just being too hard on myself and that i should get some exercise. (i was going to the gym 5x a week for 2 hours AND playing sports for 7 hours a day..! so i told him he was just a GP -- A "GENERAL" practitioner, which implied he knew not much about a lot of things !! i had the test 3 months later and recorded a score of 68 !! Over 20 is considered adhd borderline... So who was the clever one.? If anyone wants to ask me things or get some advice, im not a doctor , but i know my stuff. You can post a comment here and ill respond. sorry if i waffled on a bit, and made a few grammatical errors------------- but thats the adhd.....

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Jan 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

You know I wasnt dx til 38 , but I think that we all have a special quality. I love writing ,but my spelling and pucuation sucks as you can see. I have had poems published. I just give them to my sister and she fixes the rest. I was great at all sports. In the newspapers and such. But I get frustrated easy and when there are alot of people talking I kind of freak out in my head. Im sure people can tell, so I kind of just stay alone alot its less complicated.Some days I will fell great and some days terrible. I finally started telling people at church, and they are very understanding and check on me alot.OH AND I AM SORRY TJ ABOUT SOME OF MY COMMENTS.I THINK OUT LOUD TO MUCH WITHOUT PROCESSING MY THOUGHTS.PLEASE FORGIVE.

Jan 28, 2011
is it a disability?
by: Deborah Merlin

Famous people with ADHD

Bill Cosby Jim Carey Harry Belafonte
Cher Kirk Douglas Ann Bancroft
Dustin Hoffman Robin Williams Suzanne Somers
George Burns Steve McQueen Tracey Gold
George C. Scott Sylvester Stallone Whoopi Goldberg
Henry Winkler Will Smith Lindsay Wagner
James Stewart Tom Smothers Danny Glover


Pablo Picasso Vincent Van Gogh Ansel Adams


Bruce Jenner Pete Rose Magic Johnson
Jackie Stewart Babe Ruth Micael Jordan
Nolan Ryan Jason Kidd Greg Louganis


Leonardo Da Vinci Orville & Wilber Wright Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Edison William Wrigley Alexander Graham Bell


Sir Issac Newton Galileo Albert Einstein


Anwar Sadat Abraham Lincoln John F. Kennedy
Winston Churchill Prince Charles Dwight Eisenhauer
Robert F. Kennedy Woodrow Wilson Nelson Rockafeller


Walt Disney FW Woolworth Andrew Carnegie
Henry Ford Malcolm Forbes William Randolph Hearst

Jan 28, 2011
absolutely brilliant...
by: jenny

I read this story and couldnt stop laughing. He sounds just like my boyfriend ,always on the go and a mind like a rocket. Everything he does he is good at, as he learns so quickly. i sometimes wish i was more like him or even had ADHD !! it doesnt sound fun but it may just help humanity if more people thought like these 2..!! Reading this article i get the impression the paul could of spoken for a long time about this subject and i can sense a feeling of anger about a mis-placed youth. ahh i could just cuddle him...............!!

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