ADHD Math Help Tips

Math Help: A person with a learning disability, like ADHD, could have difficulty recognizing or identifying numbers, remembering sequencing of numbers, understanding the mathematical sign or function (whether symbol or word) or performing mathematical calculations accurately and efficiently.

When I thought about putting all these tips on my website, I questioned whether people, with ADHD, had problems with these different areas, like math. I was about to skip over math and not put it on the site. I then remembered how I struggled in math.

I didn't struggle because I couldn't do it or because I didn't understand it (that was chemistry), I just couldn't remember things. I had a problem remembering formulas, theories, and which came first, the chicken or the egg. (ADHD in action) What a complex riddle. Not really.

I decided that people with ADHD do need math help.

Tips by JAN

Here are some tips that may help and are provided by Job Accommodation Network Website..

  • Use scratch paper to work out math problems
  • Permit use of fractional, decimal, statistical, or scientific calculators
  • Provide talking calculator
  • Use calculators or adding machines with large display screens
  • Use construction calculator, such as Jobber 6
  • Provide talking tape measure
  • Use talking scales
  • Use pre-measurement guides or jigs
  • Post mathematical tables at desk or in work area

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I also had a problem with boredom even though I love math. The challenge of problem solving excites me. (Try hanging around me, I will have all your problems figured out and fixed in no time.) I really enjoy Algebra the most.

I remember in middle school and high school passing Algebra and Algebra 2 with ease. I didn't have to study much and I was passing with A's. I'm not the nerdy type that may be coming to mind.

I have heard it said that people who excel in Algebra, do poorly in Geometry and so on. In my case, that was true. I took geometry 3x's before passing it. Partly because I just didn't study and memorizing was so tough.

I went to college recently and I took intro to Algebra and then intermediate Algebra. It was so easy. I earned A's in he first one and would have earned A's in the second if circumstances didn't stop me from attending class.

One of the biggest things that helped me with my memory and focus is diet and the vitamin and mineral supplement that I take. I really can't believe the difference.

I have a much easier time studying and sitting still. That is essential for being successful in math.

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My Math Help Tips for a Person with ADHD

  • Use cheat sheets when allowed. You may have to make your own. Put the most commonly used items, formulas, tables, theories and so forth on the cheat sheet.
  • Be at ease and take many breaks as needed
  • Encourage yourself and tell yourself that you can do it
  • Let the person, that you are doing the math for, know if you need more time (prepare them ahead of time and go back to them later if needed)
  • Let the person that you are doing math for know if you are having difficulties (depending on location and situation, ex. can't use this during a test)
  • Let others help you
  • Go to a college (Community College) with small, intimate classroom settings
  • Go to a math help center for tutoring

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