Me and ADHD

by Michael Crabtree
(Clintwood, VA, USA)

I was dignosed with ADHD around 12 now I am 27. As I understood it I would grow out if this problem. But after some reserch I think that I may still have conflict with it. I quit taking my medication at 15 years old and started into drug abuse, mostly pot, perscription drugs, and alcohol. I was in alot of trouble with athourites. I was in major trouble at 17 and got a break from the judge because of my ambitions for joining the Army. I recived my GED and that was no easy task believe me. My worst problem area was English thats probably why I have misspelled alot of words. So I had to learn elemenary school level subjects first. I never done homework ever I hated it but really no noe forced me to. I joined the army as a mechanic wich really was a great choice because I stayed busy, I have never made the rank of Sargent I actually made it a goal. But was not considered for the rank because of my symptoms, not knowing then that they were symptoms, but the lack of organization skills, not paying attention to detail, in brefings, or classes I would hear what was said but after I could not tell you what was said. I am still with the army reserves. I cant keep a job or even in that job I stay a low level employee. After some time I get bored or even deppressed, and get fired or quit. I also suffer from PTSD. I was deployed to Iraq twice. I guess I am telling my story because I think I may need help but dont really know what to do the VA health system can help but they are so slow that it seems as though nothing is getting done and they put me back on the medication that I was on when I was 15 but they do not seem to want to deal with it because that it is not realted to my time in service. If you have read this whole think I am sorry to bore you. I juast wanted to put this out there. I hope that maybe if a parent reads this it may help them to relize what is in store for the future

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Jan 23, 2011
I ate sugar
by: TJ Chambers

Yesterday I was at the store. I saw a trail mix that had a lot of dry fruit in it. I ate some and it was sweet and good, so I got some. The problem is that all that sweetness went straight to my brain.

I didn't even eat a whole lot.

Thats just how sugar affects us and why diet is important.

Kellrae, I recommend trying this ADHD Liquid Vitamin

Jan 23, 2011
ADHD daughter
by: Kellrae from

My 13 yo daughter was told she would be on medication for the rest of her life. She has been medication free for over eight years due to our vigilent life changes.
She isn't as "figity" but she still has trouble in school. Changes in diet do help in our experience. But there will always be the concentration and learning problems. I can tell when she has been at Grandmas house. Eating all that junk food affects her moods, and in turn her grades and attitudes toward homework.
I'm just praying that I can find something in school that will hold her interest so she will finish.
But, if she doesn't, she is still my baby and I love her no matter what society labels her.
It is a hard road to travel. My heart goes out to all who are traveling it.

Dec 30, 2010
TJ is Right...
by: Anonymous

I agree with TJ on two points - 1) you don't grow out of it - I'm 55; and 2) the doctors and professionals are ignorant. The whole study of the brain and how it affects our behavior is still relatively new, 'light', and inconclusive. At this point, you're best bet is probably to identify your behavior associated with the condition and do your best to implement lifestyle changes to compensate such as keeping calendars/lists and using ambient 'noise' to reduce distractions. Check out the book 'You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?!' by Kelly, Ramundo, Hallowell. I found it to be a great tool for helping me understand my condition, put it into perspective, and work around it.

Dec 23, 2010
We Don't Grow Out of Anything
by: TJ Chambers

I use to be told the same things about various things "he will grow out of it". That shows the ignorance of these doctors and professional health providers.

It shows that they don't understand the body at all. You don't grow out of anything.

If you look at people's lives, their health tends to get worse as they get older. People think it is because they are getting old and that is what happens to old people. Some people appear to grow out of things but what usually happens is either they start eating better or the symptoms get masked by something else.

Thats not the case.

When you eat properly, you heal your body and the different organs, and treat your body right, it will function properly. This is the only way to grow out of things.

The VA masks a lot of things as PTSD but its lies. I talked to Doyel over at and he is a Vet from the gulf war. The VA told him his problems were psychological but they were physical. He was able to resolve his problems without the Vet.

Military personnel are intoxicated with the chemicals from weapons like DU. This toxin must be detoxed from the body. Since you had problems with alcohol and used ADHD meds, you probably have problems with your bowels, kidneys and your liver.

You will need to rebuild these because this is where your toxins will be dumped. If they are broken down, your body can't filter the toxins out of the blood and dump them from the body.

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