Meds, a constent battle

by tammy
(st.louis, mo)

I have two sons on meds. J has been on adderall(weight lost), intuniv(bad headaches and extreme sleeping) and now concerta, but is losing so much weight. He is focused and excelling in school but a with a price. G just started taking meds, concerta as well, but he is losing weight. I have tried Melissa Supreme with no success and trying to alter their diet. I want them to be meds free and hoping that the information from this site helps.

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Jun 16, 2013
Not sure about Concerta NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a 10 year old daughter with ADHD, diagnosed when she was 8, taking Concerta 36 Mg now. I have noticed she is very keyed up in the evenings, and she seems foggy during the day. It is midnight now, and she just walked out of her room again for the 8th time since 10 pm. She can't seem to settle down and sleep. Once she does fall asleep, there is a 50% chance she will wake up about 4 hours later and take a restless 2 hours to fall back to sleep. We have stuck with this med, because it is the only one out of Vyvance, Adderall, Ritalin, that has not made her moody and depressed. It affects her appetite around lunch time every day(she says her stomach hurts). This has happened at every dosage up to this one. The sleep is getting worse and we are now giving her a 5mg melatonin and benadryl every single night. Still, we have to deal with all these restless sleeplessness issues. We are keeping a log and planning on seeing her MD in 2 weeks. It looks like we might try something else as this lack of proper sleep is affecting her ability to be sharp during the day. With ADHD and some learning disabilities including Dyscalculia, not being one's sharpest during the day is very difficult scholastically. So far the choice in side effects are either anxiety with depression OR lack of appetite and insomnia. The quest for an effective medication continues..

Aug 16, 2011
Concerta and Weight loss
by: Anonymous

My son has been on concerta for years. What I found works best is a large breakfast, high in calories, with a carnation instant breakfast in whole milk (fat free or 2% defeats the prupose). I've even allowed pizza or spaghetti for breakfast from last nights leftovers. Send him to school with snacks as snacking is easier than full meals when they aren't hungry, granola bars and such. Then in the evening, I let him eat as much as he wants, a large dinner, and enough to snack on throughout the night right up until bedtime. Even a big bowl of ice cream on his way to bed gives him the calories he needs. He has struggled with being under weight and small for his age, but more recently, with this method of eating, he's keeping weight on and growing well with the spike of hormones coming on. Often on weekends, if its a kickback at home weekend, I won't have him take his concerta and allow him to eat all weekend, which he enjoys very much. Good luck.

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