Music Therapy Helps Relieve the Symptoms of ADHD

One day I was talking to Dr Block and he told me about this music therapy that he calls "binaural beats" and The Life Program provides this type of music therapy. I never heard of any such thing so of course it sounded ridiculous. Healthy music?

Now, I do know that there is music that helps people relax. I have listened to meditation music before with nice sounding music. I also listened to music with running water or rain behind it.

I figured it would have to be the same concept. The main difference with this music therapy that he was telling me about, was that they used frequencies in their music. This is where the binural beats come in.

The binural beats refers to different frequencies played in each ear. These different frequencies release healthy nuerotransmitters. They help you relax, be calm, focus, have a good night sleep, and so on. By this happening, that is how this type of music therapy helps the ADHD Symptoms.

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The electrical activity of the brain is measured and recorded by an EEG, Electroencephalograph. If you had one of these readings before, than you should know what I am talking about. It is a pretty common thing to hear about someone having an EEG done.

It measures the brain activity in waves. There are four primary brain waves that are identified and measured in wave frequencies called Hertz (HZ). No, not the car rental place either.

Four Brain Wave Patters

The four brain wave patterns are: beta, alpha, theta and delta.


Frequency range: 14 - 100 Hz

Normal waking state, alertness, cognitive thinking, analysis, arousal, agitation/anxiety (higher levels), action, flight or flight response (higher levels)

Associated with release of cortisol, epinephrine, insulin, constriction of arteries, increased heart rate and respiration, decreased digestive action, and other dis-ease if unchecked.


Frequency range: 8 - 13.9 Hz

Relaxed waking state, relaxed focus, creative problem solving (non-analysis), super learning, pre-awake or pre-sleep drowsiness (lower levels), access to sub-conscious mind, spritual awareness.

Associated with release of serotonin and nor-epinephrine, activation of parasympathetic nervous system, body repair and rejuvenation, opening of arteries, slow deep breath and slow heart rate.


Frequency range: 4 - 7.9 Hz

Dream or REM sleep, deep creative flow/contact with "the muse" deep meditation, access to unconscious mind, profound spiritual awareness.

Associated with increased production of catecholamines, improved memory and increased capacity for learning, release of melatonin, greatest opportunity for integration of emotional change.


Frequency range: 0.1 - 3.9 Hz

Deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness, if awake, awareness is void of physical.

Associated with slowest heart rate/respiration rate, significant increase in melatonin production, deep physical healing and rejuvenation, deep integration of positive mental and emotional change.

After talking with Dr Block, I contacted The Life Program and had their music therapy sent to me. On the front of their cd case it says "A new Meditation tool for better health". That must be where the term healthy music comes into play.

I listened (have to be with GOOD headphones, you need to be able to reach the wide range of frequencies) to each of the 4 CD's when I was ready to go to sleep. If you decide to do this, got to bed about 1/2 - 1 hour early if you are not use to listening to music while trying to go to sleep.

You may be up listening to the whole thing before you fall asleep. I really enjoyed listening to these music therapy CD's. It is a nice thing to listen to while getting to sleep.

On the "feel dreams" cd, the person speaking says, "you are now seeing colors". It happens to me every single time. I purposely try not to see colors but I do. Every single time. See if you can beat that challenge. So strange.

What you will hear is some nature noises, like rain, thunder, waves washing up on the shore, and these kinds of sounds. You will hear some music playing. You will also hear some other kinds of noises. These are different music therapy frequencies that are sounded in the headphones.

They are used to move you into the different patterns listed above.

I always find myself in a deep sleep when listening to these CD's before I sleep. The bad thing is that at some point I wake up and remove the headphones and go back to sleep. I have yet to listen to them during the day but I will at some point.

I am also going to test them on others that have ADHD, problems with relaxing, and depression. I want to get a wide range of results with these CDs.

If you have ADHD, it would be a good thing for you to own a set of these. It will help you to focus on something and to remain still for an hour. This is something we all need practice with.