My ADHD Creativity

by Scott
(Towson MD)

I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 38. i went to a therapist and she tested me positive. This is when I found out I was correct. Something wasnt right. What an awakening. I began to understand things like college.

I spent 4 extra years getting through engineering school. College was an experience I would like to do over, as I never really got to enjoy it. In order for me to compensate for my deficiency, which I knew I had, I just didnt know what it was called, I studied 4 times as hard as everyone else. I was quite militant about it.

I would drive roommates crazy, so I basically never had one. I had very close friends,however on a limited basis. I graduated at the bottom of my class but realized with an engineering degree from one of the best engineering schools in the nation, it didnt matter. I would come to find out i was right.

After my Dad died, my life opened up to new opportunity. I didnt have to live up to his expectation, I could live up to mine. I loved him so much, that I would have given him the world on a platter and he knew this. Thank God for good parents. It was only 5 years after my graduation that Dad passed away. It grieves me at times that he was unable to see what I have built.

My gift as it turns out is in electronics. I have over 20 patent pending designs on devices that are currently and will be utilized by our military as sensors. When i see a piece of electronic capability, I can spin it into something magical. This is something that i have become quite confident at, actually at times arrogant.

In order for me to financially get the wheels rolling on my IP, I developed a startup company last year. We did over 350K our first year. Again, my ability as a creative visionary, a gift via ADHD, has allowed me to create in software form what we have been doing for the last year manually. Now that we have built this proprietary software, we are now linked in to the Federal government, positioned to multiply our sales by a magnitude of 100. We are now the largest retailer to the Federal government of industrial product qualified as a small business in the country. We have over 70000 SKUS.

Now, I have the ability to foster even more creation. My partner and I will be building our own Shark Tank. We will recruit, fund and assist small niche businesses with ADHD gurus. ADHD my friend, isnt a disability, it is my cross and my sword. The best words of advice I can give to anyone with this lovely disorder, is manage it well, fear nothing and release that beautiful mind.....CREATE FEARLESSLY.

Develop your own lightening rod insights, I call them AH-HA moments.
When you are creating, the ADHD mind goes ahead, whether you want it to or not. From this process your subconscious is working in the background much like a 32 node parallel processor. You will instinctively arrive at solutions that will blow your mind. I live for those moments of victory. After reaching the prototype phase, it is our propensity to stop as we have conquered the impossible. We are now at the pinnacle of intellect. We are indeed the modern day Einstein.

Here is where I will caution you. Follow through and finish! Seek the reason of why you are creating: Is it money? Is it intellect? Is it ego?

Also, you may think your item is the next best thing to the I-Phone and become very attached to it, this is a mistake. Before you go public, you might want to have a few experts rip your work of wonder apart. Learn from this improve it and take it to market, or just enjoy it, what ever your intent was, but dont be delusional. If you are delusional, have a track record of success that makes you a visionary and very rich.

What ever you do have passion, and live your dream relentlessly. One more thing, never ever ever ever quit, when we choose to quit, we have chosen the route of many before us. I live by three words. All or nothing!!! ADHD is a gift not a deficit, I wish I was normal....NOT!!!!!!!!

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