MY ADHD MEDICATION AND DIET, what's next please?

by Sabe

I have probably had adhd as long as I can remember. Making life really difficult and without having ever realised that adhd was the cause. Now at the age of 37 I finally got to know what this was. I got put on methyl to slowly find the amount needed and used 3/4 of a 10mg methyl in morning then again 4 hours later then half of 10mg to have a weaker dose at end of day. The effects have been excellent for me after a lot of difficulty to adapt. But after many consultations with my GP he felt it was time to switch over to a 27mg concerta on a daily basis. Even though told I will take a bit of time to adapt to it and so i've been very patient. But now after 4 months on this concerta and also having moved to a different location/continent from where my GP is I have not been following up. I now still continue to stay on the concerta but still don't feel as good as that last week I was on methyl. I wonder if I was not supposed to be on 36mg concerta!!! As I continue my research on it I wish I could also find the perfect diet which I am guessing could also be playing a role in this. For 4 days now I am trying to eliminate all dairy and gluten elements. So hopefully with time I am going to get results. Some say it can take a month to get results!!! I really dont want to give up on finding the best situation but got to admit that this situation is sometimes driving me up the walls from frustration. Even though there are 10million websites on the net strangely not one gives you the ideal food to use. One says you can eat nuts the other says you can not and so on... Would be great if at least it said what food items are guaranteed and known not to affect adhd, most say what not too eat but what about what too eat!!! The reason is because with all my research I've started wondering if perhaps there is not some damage to my villi (absorbs needed food nutrients in small intestine) I am also on an anti depressant which I started about a month before the first methyl I started... So now I am wondering if anybody has any suggestions on my situation

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Nov 14, 2010
by: Deborah Merlin

See a naturopathic doctor (ND). These doctors are educated in finding the cause. To locate one in your area
Tests to consider:
Heavy metal toxicity
Amino acid panel.

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