never taken any meds! at 43 just started adderall xr!! amazing!

by kathleen
(dutchess county, ny)

hi i am a loving disorganized wife & mom of 2...i have spent all 12 years of my marriage trying to get the house cleaned up for company( im a social social person!) i have tons of friends and love entertaining! almost every time i have a party or get together i am in tears in 6 hrs straight of cleaning i barely have one room done. my husband usually has to intervene & starts packing up everythings into bags....and then carries them to the cellar....and i never get to them!!! i have lost money by not getting my work notes done on time & have contradictally have a bachelors & some graduate school completed. recently i took an online class in real estate. found myself crying becasue i cant get thru it!! im going to lose the entire $500. it cost!!! i never take more than one or 2 pains pills. hate the way i feel. yes i like advil for headaches oncein a while so i was scared to admit ADD or take any meds. i am currently on 10mg adderall xr..i do not feel any different....but i finished the rest of the course in one week! my downstairs is neat and my sister stopped over and i wasnt running like a cken cleaning. it was totally presentable! for the 1st time since the kids were born i sat in a clean living room & watched the end of a kids movie with both kids under each arm!!it was amazing.! :) i feel like bradley cooper in limitless. i always felt deficient in one i was an idoit when it comes to keeping the house clean. a few weeks ago i cleaned for 4 days a tiny bday party for my daughter here & it never really looks that clean. i always felt like a hamster on a wheel. never sitting one minute for tv. yes anything for the kids..baking homework painting..oh yes..but every surface was covered with crap..i would just push the piles around! unfortunatly i dont have the abilities i did the first 9 days. some days i dont take it at all to c if i can go without.:? i cant though. sink full of dishes. i start everything @ finish nothing. i may try the 20mg. ? im 5'8" and 160 lbs. maybe dose a little low? since i feel exactly the same no side effects. except positive ones. think ill try 20mg? cautious but happy!

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