Please help im 23 and need advice

by Gavin

My name is Gavin I am 23 years old and have been on ADHD medication for 20 years now. before I get started I do not want judgement nor negativity its not what I came to a site for I want help or advice. I started Adderall at about 4 years old took different meds until I was 19 and just recently started taking Adderall again this past june I am getting more and more worried as time goes on I have lost 35lbs since on the medication I have had EXTREME anxiety...( I was at a theme park this past weekend enjoying the Halloween festivities like always don't get scared eer but this year something scared me so bad I wanted to ball in a corner and hold my chest) I also have had slight depression before I started back up on adhd meds and its the worst ever since ive started on Adderall in my down time I just think about every bad thing that has happen to me or everything bad about myself its making me hate myself they also make me "jolt" or twitch if you will I am only taking 10mg a day but im scared HOWEVER I'm afraid if I do not take this medicine I will fail out of college I just started and lose my supervisor job when I'm off of them I have no filter I say whatever comes to mind I have nowhere to turn my pysch suck and I need help please someone respond

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Oct 26, 2015
Dr. Daniel amen healing add
by: Anonymous

Hi Gaven
There's a brain Dr. Dr. Daniel amen and you can go on line to and his website can tell you all about the 7 types of ADHD and he and his wife tana amen can help. He has a kit called healing add in 30 days you can do at home also theres clinics you can visit if you can. I'm doing the kit now. Dr. Amen is wonderful. Have you heard of them? He also does brain scans at his clinics. The kit is great. Try it.
Hope this helps. He helps you figure out which types of adhd you have and what natural supplements you can take and if you need to he tells you what medications to try. There's DVDs and a cookbook PDF and a book included.
Good luck.

Oct 20, 2015
homeopathy treatment will work for you
by: Anonymous

please, please. consult a homeopathy doctor who specializes in brain issues and psychological issues. you will not regret and the medication will have less side effects. try to see one in your area for easy follow up. you can check online for more details on homeopathy. from experience I can say it works very well for ADHD and Depression.

Oct 18, 2015
Don't Give Up Gavin!
by: Anonymous

Hi Gavin!

Listen - No matter what, don't GIVE UP!

I'm 55 years old, and have been ADD my whole life!

My mother was always being called in to talk to my teachers, especially in 2nd and 3rd grade, because I could never pay attention, and was always looking out the classroom window.

Even to this day it takes all I have to focus.

Back then - no one even knew what ADD was. It was considered either a disciplinary or intellectual problem.

First Gavin -

Don't be afraid.

This may not sound like good advice, but it is.

Try not to take your condition seriously. Doing so will cause fear and anxiety.

Just relax Gavin.

When you awake in the morning - don't worry about what problems ADHD will cause today.

Relax - and "choose" to do your best to calmly work through it, come what may.

Next - take your problems to the creator of the universe in prayer.

(Science has proven that prayer works. Don't believe it? Do the research.)

Ask God to help you to relax, and to rest in him.

Also - you ARE a product of your environment Gavin!

So, get rid of the garbage in your life.

Examples - Negatives like poor diet (Get rid of junk food, especially soda).

Negative movies (especially porn) or music with twisted or bad lyrics.

Bad or violent video games.

Bad or negative people.

Eat good, healthy, unprocessed foods.

Thank God for all that you have.

Focus on the GOOD things.

Even if they are small (like your pet, your warm bed, your home, the flowers and the trees).

DO these things - and you WILL see positive results.

God Bless You Gavin!

Take Care!

Oct 18, 2015
by: Anonymous

I think you should start vision therphy re wire the brain.

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