ritalin at age 7

by ashley
(norfolk virginia)

I was diagnose with adhd at the age of 7. I started taking ritalin at the age of 7. I quit taking that at age 15, then was on concerta and then quit that and now I'm 26 and I'm on adderall. It helps me concentrate at work and at home. I talked to my psychiatrist and told her I needed to be on something to concentrate and she put me on adderall xr. It helps me so much. I'm also on prozac and topamax. And they all have side effects that are the same. Loss of appetite, dry mouth. But I can deal with them to be able to concentrate, to control my depression and for my migraines. If you take your medicine as directed by your doctor, you shouldn't get addicted. I have never been addicted to any medicine that I have had to be put on due to adhd,bi-polar,depression. If your getting addicted your doing something wrong.

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Apr 11, 2011
by: ashley

Jitters come with too high of a dose and if nothing changes for instance if you still feel like you can't concentrate and you have been on adderall, ritalin, concerta, etc. for at least a week, your on too low of a dose. You can tell the difference when your at the right level you need to be at. My new doctor I have now, started me off at 20mg, adderall xr, and that's the right dose I need. I feel so much better. Now I can go back to school and get my degree in radiologic science. I tried before and couldn't concentrate. But now I can. And here I come ready more than ever.

Apr 10, 2011
Jittery from ADHD stimulants - dose too high
by: Anonymous

From the reading I've done, if you get the jittery side effects from a stimulant drug, then the dose is too high.

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