Should You Balance Proteins and Carbs?

by TJ

The UnHealthy Modern American Diet

The UnHealthy Modern American Diet

I met with my career coach today. She was telling me how her family wants her to get tested for ADHD because of some of the dysfunctions that go along with it, like being disorganized or focusing on a lot of things.

Her friend that is a dietician told her to make sure she balances carbs with proteins. Some people believe that if an individual went to school to learn about diet, they are the authority on eating.

Unfortunately, this isn't true.

Schools teach the latest fads, while against others, and the modern diet that is bad for your health. You don't want to load your diet up with proteins and you certainly don't want to load up with carbs.

I think most people have a problem with carbs.

You don't want to eat carbs and proteins together. You do want to eat raw and cooked vegetables with both carbs and proteins.

I don't want to confuse anyone when talking about carbs. Most things have carbs in them but they have small amounts. Carb vegetables are mostly carbs.

The good carbs are low glycemic, complex carbs. These will slowly release energy unlike the simple carbs that will spike your blood sugar and cause out of control ADHD symptoms.

If you have ADHD, you may also have a problem with out of control Candida. Any carbs you eat will feed it and help it to grow more and take over.

I'm doing a study on Candida right now as I found out that I have a problem with it and started working on it 8 months ago.

Eating 3 raw and 1 cooked vegetable with every meal is a great and healthy addition. The same with 3 raw and 1 cooked protein, with protein meals. The vegetables, especially green leafy ones, will help protect the body against the destructive nature of protein. It also aids in providing healing and nutrients to the body.

My cousins is famous for saying, "I don't want rabbit food, give me steak and potatoes". He is setting himself up for serious digestive issues as well as problems like alzheimers.

If you want to eat healthy, follow those guidelines and you will be off to a good start.

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Jul 28, 2015
So Many Types Of Carbs...Not All Are Bad Carbs
by: Kathi

Carbs can be confusing.

Especially to the 99.9% of us which never had any nutritional training. So why can they become such a problem? Because during digestion, carbs do change to sugars within our system.

AS the article states, almost all foods have some percentage of carbs. Low glycemic fruits and vegetables do have carbs also. The whole reason though our body can digest them with minimal "sugar-damage" to the system is because "whole foods" (foods which are still in nature's packaging) do still contain all their natural fiber, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants etc.. When the digestive system breaks this type of food down, number one our bodies recognize it as food. Number two, since it is in nature's packaging, the sugar content of these varieties are blunted by the addition of the natural fiber which is still within the food.

But processed foods high in carbs such as flour products like breads, pastas, cookies etc. have had their nutritional content changed. No longer can our body find the original quality fiber content, the unaltered vitamins and minerals etc.. Our body has lost its capability of maintaining its balance because it does not recognize this processed food as Food!

To minimize the difficulties, as much as possible, try to eliminate the processed foods and stay with whole foods, preferably clean organic selections which have been verified to be non-GMO. After all, why start going down another roller coaster ride with your health by continually serving your body selections highly laced with pesticides and herbicides or mutant strains of DNA.

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