Signs Of ADHD

The signs of ADHD are very easy to see. With my free ADHD Assessment Checklist and my ADHD symptoms page, you will be able to determine if you child has ADHD or not.

If you want the complete diagnosis, then you can take your child to a doctor and give them the research you have done.

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The process of the diagnosis is to ask the parent (or the ADHD patient) to fill out a questionnaire, and then observe the person for signs of ADD. If you document all of your research and observations, complete the free checklist, and take it with you to the doctor, most of the work will be done.

Here are the pages you want to visit to help in this journey. Not only do I have pages on identifying the symptoms of ADHD, I also help people to reduce and maybe even eliminate them.

ADHD Assessment Checklist
It is a free assessment that is based on signs of ADHD and ADHD child symptoms as well as adult symptoms.

ADHD child symptoms
A child or adult with ADHD may be hyperactive, have a sleep disorder, anxiety, depression or even bad behavior. Learn about more ADHD symptoms and ways to help.

Control ADHD with Diet
ADHD Diet plays a major role in the health of a child or adult with ADHD. Listed are ways to control ADHD with diet. Start an ADHD diet.

ADHD Liquid Vitamin
I have used many kinds of vitamins for my ADHD. An ADHD liquid vitamin has been the best help. My life was dramatically changed by this.

ADHD Gifted
Are people with ADHD gifted? Is there something unique about adhd gifted children? Is there something significant about people that are both adhd and gifted?

Difference Between ADD and ADHD
There is a difference between ADD and ADHD, Learn about the definition of ADHD and difference between ADD and ADHD.

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