started taking Adderall again

by juanita

Last year i was diagnosed with add at 28 and given Adderall. For me and my daughter it was somethign that was needed... She was also diagnosed with adhd when she was a child. she used to take adderall, but as she got older the symptoms seemd to lessen with her. Yet was worst with me... YOu can imagine two people the same like that..not a happy household AT ALL. I took it for three months last year, and honestly it was the best three months my daughter and I had ever had until now. She stopped taking it cause she said it made her feel all nervous adn made her mind all screwy and she felt weird. I had to stop taking it becase as we all knwo it is a very expensive medication. Luckily for me I get some help paying for it now, so i am back on on it.

I started abotu a week agao, and my daughter told me its nice to see me again... I am alot more calmer, less scatter brained, my mood swings have all but gone and my anger as well. I no longer feel that feeling in my stomach that tells me I am gonna lose my cool. I am able to talk myself down.
My daughter and I are now able to spend more time together hanging out and being happy. To feel calm and focused and able to concentrate at my job and my personal life are well worth taking Adderall. My dosage has never been raised.. I was and remain on 25mg. I take it at 10 every morning, and by 11 at night I am ready for bed and get a good nights sleep.... to feel normal wonderful

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