Still ADHD

by John

i was born the summer of 1970. to this day i struggle with adhd. normal people just dont understand what its like to live with the attention span of a goldfish. sure, doctors told my mom i'd outgrow it. nope, that didn't happen. after my divorce i went back to the doctors. that is helping. it feels good to be able to remember something thirty seconds from now.i'm not one hundred percent but i'm a long way from walking into the kitchen and standing for fifteen minutes trying to remember i wanted a drink of water.

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Jul 06, 2015
Tough for us children of the 70's
by: SuzE111670

I too was born in 1970 and was probably ADHD from the day I was born, my mother says that when I slept through the night as an infant at most it was 6 hours straight and then I was awake and ready to take on the world, and so it went for the rest of my life. Very little at night, except when pregnant, up at the crack of dawn and restless, easily distracted and bored, I lost most of 3rd grade math because in the school I was in 3rd & 4th grades were in the same room and was distracted by their math and didn't learn my multiplication tables, or fractions. There were large windows in the rooms with blinds open and even windows at time and I would be off in a heart beat chasing a butterfly with my eyes, listening to birds wondering if I could copy their whistle. The worst part of it all is I am also Oppositional Defiant as well and could and would use my ADHD as a means to escape being punished, disciplined or controlled up went the walls and off my brain went to other places with a blank stare on my face. I have learned to control the O.D.D., the ADHD, so far is only controlled with medication. I also found out that I had problems with anxiety and depression but not until my late 20's. If I go off any one of my meds, I can function for a time being, but not for too long before it gets to be too much. I used to think I was really good at hiding my ADHD, but have since learned otherwise and my co-workers, regardless of the job can spot it a mile away. I am frequently all over the place ten things half done, and no order to the way I am completing the tasks I am completing which take me twice as long to complete because of the distractions. I have hesitated to even consider it a long term disability, but at this point almost 45, I do not know what else to call it. Hang in there baby you are not the only 1970's child trying to survive the adult ADHD, to this I say, try having a child that is just like you and even more so in severity, talk about difficult. My son is almost 24, but still refuses to believe he has ADHD, or ODD, and struggles with it on a daily basis, but being ODD, I cannot tell him anything he has to learn it for himself. Keep up the good work!!!

Sep 19, 2011
Attention span of a goldfish
by: Maui Rick

I really like that analogy. It is so perfect. I just found an important receipt in the trash can. My words before finding it.... "There is no way I would throw that away." lol I just recently (last week) was diagnosed with a type of ADHD involving the deep limbic system of my brain. I never wanted to admit I couldn't control my brain. But after some serious financial, relationship and other problems, I began my search to find information about it. This website is awesome and very helpful. I also got a SPECT brain scan last week at the Amen Clinic in San Francisco. I am not plugging them. It is just the path that lead me to realizing I had this problem. Once I saw that hardly any blood flow was going to my prefrontal cortex and way too much blood was going to the deep limbic system (causing depression) well, I had to admit I needed help. It has only been 3 days since I started my meds and quit booze and nicotine... so we'll see. Just glad there are others out there I can relate to. Thanks again for this site.

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