Success with Adderall

by Wesley Warriner
(Brigantine, NJ)

Hi. I'm a current adderall user as prescribed by my doctor. I want to talk about myself in order to better undertsand my explanation and reasoning. I was in special education classes in K-1 grade. Doctor's had diagnosed me with a mental disorder where my thinking process was slow.

I was a slow developer my whole life. I got by in my classes throughout the rest of the years on my own because I'm a Taurus with a persistent attitude where I things done with frustration. I always got frustrated with whatever it was I was trying to learn. There's a lot more to tell in order for me to explain how I felt growing up.

Lack of self esteem because I was overweight, felt slow, saw how everyone else was able to stare or listen to whatever the teacher or person was talking about. I felt out of place in a sense because I would always look at everyone and see what they were doing. I never understood how to be like them. How people can do things without getting frustrated and do it like nothing.

This is how felt with everything, sports, school, having fun and living life to the fullest. Not that I never knew how to live life to the fullest, but for me it was a learned thing by observing people. I had to just force myself to do things because I had to think and think. In football, I was always thinking and over thinking. My coach always told me that I have to react and not think.

I never understood what he meant. It wasn't until I was 21 years old when I got diagnosed with adhd in college. When I started taking the adderall, I don't want to sound bad saying this, but it makes me feel normal, focused, and have what's called a kill it attitude. That's a figure of speech by the way, meaning like everything I just kill. Being good at it.

For example, I first started working at Hard Rock Cafe as a server. I've been there for the past year. Unfortunately, it took me this long to actually be a great server. I wasn't on the adderall when I first started working there because I didn't have health insurance. When I got the insurance in October, I went back on my adderall. When I did, I was doing so awesome where the managers and co workers, at first, didn't think I was going to make it, to where now they love me.

I got it down where my tables are taken care of, running food, running drinks, pre-bussing everyone else's tables, doing other peoples' side work besides mine without a second thought. It just happened like magic. It was like I already knew how to be this good and not have to try for once.

I understand what people mean no when they believe in yourself. I never knew how to do that. People not only stare at me, but everything and even women come to me now. I just received employee of the month for the month of July at Hard Rock.

I never in my whole entire life ever received that at any jobs I've worked at. Adderall and time helped me figure out what I really want to do and what I was born to do. I went from being a biology major where I was struggling and trying to become a physical therapist to applied physics and realized I wanted to do biomedical engineering. I even thought of a few inventions and ideas while on adderall.

Basically my point being is that I was able to finally get and understand everything that I do for now on. I don't second guess myself, I don't over think everything, and I just do it. It's one of those things where I feel like all my, "sometimes negative mental thinking," goes out the window when I'm on my adderall. I'm not proud to say I'm on medication, but after you read this, and/or if you can relate, do you think this might've been my balance that I needed and was the solution to my self-problems that I was looking for my whole life?

Like I said, there's alot more to tell, but I don't have time to. Thank you for reading this. Whoever reads this story, I hope it helps and allows you to realize that there is nothing wrong with doing something that works for you, and has changed your life like it did to mine. Thanks.



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Mar 22, 2017
33Yrs old and just now finding myself
by: Anonymous

I am proud of you congrats on you better life.If you need your adderall then you take it. Its for a reason. I cant believe that in all of my years trying to figure out why was i so different and hyper like, in my mind that is ive lost 8 sets of keys saying in a house for 2 1/2 yrs 😣 but any ways thats just an example. God is good Stay blessed

Feb 02, 2017
by: Anonymous

thank you for this

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