Took Adderall Made My face swell

by Charlene

I was recently prescribed Adderall as a way to save money. Vyvanse was too expensive without insurance. I am online looking for answers now. After taking Adderall for one week, I have fluid coming out of my skin on my face in what appears to be blisters. As soon as my cheeks started feeling swollen, I quit taking the Adderall. The blisters appeared within a day of the start of the swelling. Severe headache for two days. The swelling has gone down, but when I pinch the skin on my face, it feels numb on surface and under the skin its like it is dissolving. It looks like I have about 30 blisters on my face, that are scabs. I am so ashamed of my appearance. I was asked if I was taking meth. Of course not. I don't know what is happening, but I want this to go away soon. If anyone knows what has happened, please help. A little history that may be useful: Was taking Vyvanse 60mg for 2 years. Changed to Adderall 30 mg, 1 tablet in the morning and 1/2 tablet at lunch. It wasn't the extended release. Never any problems with Vyvanse. I don't abuse either. 37 years old, female. wt 135. The only other medication I take is Synthroid 0.075 mg. I haven't been taking it on a regular basis lately.

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Mar 06, 2015
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Adderall reaction
by: C. Hinson

You had Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. It is very rare but a very dangerous allergic reaction. You should have gone to the emergency room. Please learn more about it. If you have had it once you have a higher risk of getting again from another medication. You must have had a guardian angel because it is potentially life threatening. Sorry if I am scaring you but you should know what it was for your safety. Tell all medical professionals in the future so they will be cautious giving you medications.

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