How to Choose the Right Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

Before you choose the right vitamin and mineral supplement, you should know why it helps ADHD. After you visit my page on why it helps, come back here to continue your learning experience.

I have used a lot of different types of vitamin and mineral supplements to help with my ADHD. I always heard people say, this one is so good and it does so much. I tried it based on what they said. I didn't feel any different after using it.

I have tried the best of the best. Most of them didn't make a lot of difference when it came to helping my with ADHD. There was one company's products that I used that helped with my allergies. I rarely had a problem with allergies when I used them. That was a great thing but not what I was going for.

This year I tried another one but I wasn't really looking for another one at the time.

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This product changed my life. I have never felt so good in my life before. For the first time in my life, I had help with my condition and I wasn't using drugs.

I had horrible mood swings, low focus and concentration ability, sleeping problems, and the other things that come a long with ADHD. After using this new ADHD liquid vitamin, these symptoms seemed to diminish.

This was the first time that I tried a liquid vitamin. I got tired of taking pills and wanted to try liquid.

My mood swings balanced out. I was feeling great instead of feeling depressed, irritated, and angry all the time. I was able to focus and concentrate.

It was amazing that this vitamin and mineral supplement worked far superior to all the others.

Why Don't the Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Work?

The answer to this question can be written in a book. I am sure it probably has already. There are a lot of reasons and I will cover as many as I can. It doesn't mean that these are the only reasons.

1. Vitamin and mineral supplements are not regulated by the FDA

This isn't a bad thing. I know there are people who wont use vitamin and mineral supplements because it is not regulated by the FDA. The FDA has us believing that they are protecting us but I think they are doing a horrible job at it.

View this page for more information about the FDA faulted for drug safety.

So, even the things that the FDA regulates isn't necessarily safe. Plenty of the drugs cause problems that can lead to death, blindness, kidney failure, and horrible things like that. See this page about the effects of Adderall.

Since the vitamin and mineral supplements are not regulated by the FDA, companies can do whatever they want. Plenty of them say there is a certain amount of each vitamin and mineral in each tablet but it really is not true. They use less.

It is a money game. Most companies want to jump on the bandwagon and make tons of money on nutritional products. They don't care about people having a quality product. That cost to much.

So, if you see a bottle say, 500mg of Vitamin C, it very well may not be. It could be as little as 25mg of Vitamin C. Then it may not be in a form that is usable by your body. If that is the case, it is worthless because your body is flushing it out.

2. They are not in a usable form

Since the vitamin and mineral supplements are not regulated by the FDA, companies can do whatever they want. Plenty of them say there is a certain amount of each vitamin and mineral in each tablet but it really is not true. They use less.

What is a usable form? This simply is the form the substance has to be in so the body can absorb it and use it. Until this year, I never heard of this. Have you ever taken a vitamin and mineral supplement for it to come out when you go to the bathroom? Either the pill came out whole or you had a powder substance left in the toilet.

That is the supplements in a form that the body could not use. It was sent out of the body as waste. That is why one specialist says that the only thing vitamins give you is expensive urine. For most vitamin and mineral supplements, this is true.

Let me tell you the best form they should be in. Everyone knows that you get the best vitamins and minerals from food. Mainly plants. Oranges are great for vitamin C, grapes, green tea, and olives are great for anti-oxidants and so on. How do plants get their nutrition?

Liquids. The vitamins and minerals that plants need are given to them in a liquid form. This is the best form for consumption.

Do you know what minerals are? Rocks. They are minerals. When rain (water) runs through rocks, they carry the minerals with them. The water removes the minerals from the rocks and becomes an excellent source of minerals because this form can be used. Plants absorb the minerals from the water. When you eat the plants, the minerals are absorbed into your body.

If you go to the source and eat a rock, your body wont absorb the mineral. It is to big and not in a usable form.

This is the form most vitamin and mineral supplements are in. They need to be smaller then the cell. When this happens, they can pass into the cell for use.

This is what I like about the vitamin and mineral supplement I am now using. It is about 100 times smaller then the opening of the cell and is ionized so it is attracted to the cell. Perfect Combination, no wonder I feel so good!

There are some supplements that are best in a pill or tablet form. So, just because it isn't liquid doesn't mean it is bad.

The last thing for #2. The longer the vitamin and mineral supplement can sit on the shelf, the more money can be made. To accomplish this, they have to be moisture proof. So the tablets and pills are coded with an anti moisture substance. This stops moisture from breaking down the pills on the shelves.

Ever wonder why some vitamin and mineral supplements come out of your body whole? This is why. The water in your body can't get into the pill.

Did you know that a glue type substance is used to hold the "rocks" (minerals) together. There also is a "filler" to fill in the gaps.

I think you are starting to see problems with how vitamin and mineral supplements are manufactured.

At the bottom of the page, I give the ingredients list of the vitamin I am using.

3. Not the highest quality of raw materials

Remember, most companies want to make a profit. That is the objective.

Would you go to a classroom and eat a piece of chalk in hopes of having stronger bones? No? Well, calcium carbonate is just that. Calcium carbonate is the most common form of calcium around. It is worthless. It is a substance just like black board chalk in a classroom.

People think they are taking calcium and it is helping their bones. Sadly, later in life they will find out that they were sold worthless vitamin and mineral supplements. By then their bones are weak and there isn't much they can do.

This is why it is important to find a company that uses high quality raw materials. Otherwise, you are wasting your money.

If you have any questions and would like to contact me, feel free to do so.

The ADHD Liquid Vitamin that I am using, the company did not hold back in the amount of ingredients and raw materials. They also excelled in their research for best absorption. Companies that care are out there. Their products do cost more then the $5.99 bottle of rocks that you can find at the grocery store or pharmacy.