What Causes ADHD

by TJ Chambers

It is challenging to point to exactly what causes ADHD because it is different for everyone. On this page, I have a video that talks about the causes of ADHD.

Here are what I think the ADHD causes are.

1. Brain damage/injury
2. Heavy metals toxification
3. Blood sugar issues
4. Improper diet
5. sensitivities
6. lack of minerals and vitamins

1. Brain damage/injury
I talk with parents that have children that are underdeveloped or have some kind of injury to the brain. This causes the children to not function properly. Doctors diagnose these children with disorders like ADHD. These children do not have ADHD. They have an injury or damage.

2. Heavy metals
Heavy metals can get into the body many ways like medical shots, cooking pots and pans, water, etc. Medical shots also introduce foreign proteins into the body which also cause problems, serious problems.

3. Blood Sugar
Protein stabilizes the blood sugar and most diets have little protein and a lot of carbs and sugar. So this makes a situation for mood swings, hyperactivity, attention problems, lack of energy, and so on.

4. Improper Diet
As noted above, sugar is a big problem. The diet needs to be consisted of mainly fresh raw foods. Most people's diets are processed foods loaded with sugar or some kind of other sweetener.

5. Sensitivities
People with ADHD are sensitive to things that other people aren't. When they consume certain things it affects them very different and increases their symptoms.

6. Lack of minerals and vitamins
Since the diet is lacking in proper nutrition, the body does not have the minerals and vitamins it needs. Even though people take these, they are usually not in the proper form for the body to use so it is not assimilated.

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Apr 20, 2010
Causes of ADHD
by: Anonymous

Wheat-gluten, dairy, all artificial food colorings and artificial sweeteners trigger symptoms of ADHD.
Frequent use of antibiotics causes yeast overgrowth and causes ADHD sykptoms as well.
A great resource for brain trauma or injury is the HANDLE Institute. www.handle.org. And the best book to read written by the founder of HANDLE is the Fabric of Autism by Judith Bluestone. Judith developed many low tech exercises to rebuild the neuropathways that have been weaken or damaged by toxins or injury.
Deborah Merlin

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