Where do I begin with my child with severe adhd and behavioral anger issues

by TJ

Copyright and image: Scream and Shout by Mindaugas Danys

Copyright and image: Scream and Shout by Mindaugas Danys

I received this in my email from a parent with an ADHD child and I wanted to share it with you incase you are in this situation.

My 8 yr old son has severe adhd and behavioral/anger issues. Trying to explore all options, he's on medications and we dont like the side effects nor what it does long term.

It is overwhelming to know where to start..

There are many parents that really want to know what to do so their child doesn't have to be on medication but where can they turn? There are so many "remedies" online that fail to deliver so they end up with the solution they hate, medication with dangerous side effects.

Some "remedies" are just as dangerous as the medications.

No wonder it is overwhelming to know where to begin.

A parent has to find something that works for their child and make sure it isn't going to be dangerous.

Where to Start

My first suggestion is to begin with diet. That is something that can be done today... or tomorrow. Diet can have a huge impact on symptoms especially if the child's diet is causing the symptoms to be out of control just like I talk about in the 3 Causes of ADHD Symptoms.

Over the years, here is what I found. Grains, carbs, and processed foods cause ADHD symptoms to be out of control. They can even cause a child to be very angry.

Blood sugar issues can do that and those types of food can definitely cause the issue.

The good foods to eat are lean meats, poultry, fish, fresh vegetables, low glycemic carbs, seeds, and nuts. The Paleo diet appears to be a great way to get started. There are some deviations that people have taken and include grains and other foods into their version of the Paleo diet. You will have to see how things work. My suggestion is to stick with the original Paleo. If things are going well, you add something in and it causes problems, you will know.

In addition, you can look into supplements to help with some of the body's needs so it can heal/correct itself. Take a look at what I have available for Herbs and Supplements

Image originally found here: Scream and Shout by Mindaugas Danys.

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Oct 30, 2016
Where do I begin with my child
by: Deborah Merlin

I would recommend to have her son tested for heavy metal toxicity and do a QEEG to rule out brain seizures.

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