Why do people have to take supplements all the time?

by TJ Chambers

"Thanks so much, TJ. I had one more question for you. If the adhd (and most "disease") is caused by lack of minerals / nutrition, why do you think the liquid vitamin and mineral supplement is something that people have to take all the time, or face getting the symptoms back? Honestly, it's not a problem - I am sooo excited about the product and feel truly blessed to have discovered your site and learn about it. I just wonder why the body doesn't "heal" itself once the missing nutrients are given to it. Just wondering your thoughts on that.... but I feel I've taken so much of your time already, please don't worry about answering this if you don't feel like it or don't have time.

And again, THANK YOU for being so kind :)"



All the answers (most of them) are spread out among my pages. This is why I really need to get motivated to put my new email list together that will teach people all these various things.

I also have been doing a lot of studying over this past year (2010).

Here is the thing. Most diseases are caused by 2 things 1. Mineral / vitamin deficiency 2. Constipation

Both of these are the result of poor nutrition. We eat the wrong foods and they do not have minerals or vitamins in them. The foods are over cooked and over processed which are destructive to our bodies. So, we don't get the vitamins and minerals we need to attain everyday. Then this food causes constipation which causes the toxins and waste to re absorb into our body. It also means the other nutrients we are to absorb into our body threw the bowels, wont happen because of the build up of mucus and waste matter in the bowels that line the walls.

If one takes a good supplement, it will start providing the vitamins and minerals we need. These vitamins and minerals will not make us eat properly.

We need to eat a mainly raw/fresh food diet.

The vitamins and minerals will not push the crap out of our bowels.

Also, most people have the medicine mentality, I get sick, I take a pill, Im better, I stop. What they dont see, they don't know. They don't know about what they have just destroyed and damaged in their body that will haunt them later.

Another problem is that most of our farm land is void of the minerals and vitamins it once had. So the crops just don't have the nutrition it once did.

See this page "https://www.adhdawareness.com/vitamin-and-mineral.html

All this above will eliminate almost all of the health problems experienced in the USA and around the world.

Now for other problems.

With all the immunization and vaccinations, they cause more destruction and problems. Most people focus on the heavy metals, which are very destructive to our bodies, but there are also foreign proteins. These proteins enter our bodies and start destroying. So even if we had "green" immunizations and vaccinations, it wouldn't matter, they would still damage the body.

So while people work on healing the body, they continue to destroy it every year with the chemicals and toxins from foods, cosmetics, medications, drinks, pollution, electronics, etc etc etc.

I hope this helps to understand some of the things we are dealing with.


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