Yes to ADHD Medication, but I prefer a multi-dimensional approach

by ADL
(SE Ohio)

Never give up! My goal is to eventually be medication free, but if I'm not, oh well. Always try and improve your life, body, mind and spirit.

Diagnosed in my early 30's and it came as a shock. I battled depression, anxiety and panic attacks for more than 10 years. When the doctor told me I may feel better in one day, with medication, of course I wanted it.

Methylphenidate IR was the first approach. Very fast acting, it took a lot of medication to work. It had bad side effects. My heart raced and I felt like I drank too much coffee. I had a very rough, jittery feeling after it wore off, which was fast. I was also taking Wellbutrin and valium prior to the diagnosis.

I was put on Adderall, also the fast acting version. It has a longer last effect. The only negative effect was I would sleep too long; 10-13 hours a day! Eventually, I adjusted, but it took a long time.

I spent the first month reading books, websites and collecting information. I did mental exercises for adults with ADD and others for procrastination, depression, anxiety. I saw a therapist regularly.

My appetite changed from junk to eating healthy food. I worked on all aspects of my life. I started writing down everything I did, tracking my activities and time wasters, then forced myself to eliminate them.

I never have taken vitamins and supplements since my diagnosis, but not by choice. I only take pharmaceutical grade. As $oon as I am able, I will take them.

I did try Vyvanse not too long ago, just to see if it would work better. It took just one day to know that I'd be sticking to Adderall. I was able to stop all other psychotropic medications.

Now, I have a routine established daily. I started a support group in my area. I have a job that enables me to use my ADD traits to my advantage.

So, through a professional diagniosis, self-help, diet, counseling and a pure drive to be better; I now lead a better life and even advise others.

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Aug 26, 2009
by: Deborah Merlin

Stimulants may help with some of the symptoms of ADHD but all stimulants cause constriction of veins and arteries, causing the heart to work overtime, leading to damage to the heart.
Amphetamines like Dexedrine and Adderall are toxic to the brain and can cause brain cell death. In several studies with lab animals, such as rhesus monkeys, small doses of amphetamines were administered over periods of days or weeks. The animals showed a lasting loss of receptors for the neurotransmitter dopamine.
Consider having a test for heavy metal exposure. Heavy metal toxicity can cause anxiety panic attacks, depression and other neurological disorders. Find a naturopathic doctor You may want to consider having an amino acid panel done as well.
Visit for more information.

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