Why I No Longer Buy Eniva Vibe
From The Eniva Corporation?

If you are looking to buy Eniva Vibe, this used to be a great liquid vitamin and mineral supplement.

I had my first major health breakthrough when I started using this product. It was amazing. I was a completely different person.

Unfortunately something happened...

Eniva changed the original product. Some people started saying the product wasn't working for them like it was. I was still getting results though. So they decided on a new product.

Eniva came out with Vibe 2.0. People had tremendous results with the "original" version but didn't see some of the same results with 2.0. Some were just fine with the 2.0.

So, they brought back the "original" Vibe. This was supposed to be the very first product they came out with but I don't believe it was. I think it was the product that they changed after the real original product that was being called the original.

I still enjoyed good results with it, so I was happy.

They decided to come out with a new product called Vibe Fruit sensation. It did absolutely nothing for me yet it was supposed to be the best product they ever had. I went back to the other version.

In 2012, they decided to stop new orders for Vibe Original and people would only be able to order the new product Vibe Fusion. This was supposed to be the best one ever.

I was already tired of these new products that are the best ever.

Something happened again...

Around May - June 2012, the Vibe Original stopped working. I got no results from it. I couldn't believe it. That was enough for me to stop buying it and move on to a different company.

I don't know where they are at with their products but they lost me as a 6-7 year customer.

Sad that I had to make this decision. If you are still looking to buy Eniva Vibe, you wont have any problems finding someone to sell it to you. I'm not longer selling or recommending this product.

Buy Eniva Vibe

Vibe is not used to treat, cure, or diagnose any disorder, disease, or condition. Vibe is trademarked by Eniva Corporation.

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