ADHD and Work Problems

by Jean Brown
(New Jersey)

I feel like I'm gonna have a nervous breakdown at work. I work in an extremely overworked and understaffed clinical laboratory. I am constantly having to multi-task. While trying to report out patient results I keep interrupted with Physcian's phone calls. I try to stay focused but how can you when you are constantly being interrupted. Then I find the day is almost over and I still have so much to finish and then I really get overwhelmed. I love my work and no I could do a great job if I could just focus on the task at hand with no interuptions. I don't know if I should find another job cause it is causing so much stress that I believe it is really effecting my health.

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Apr 10, 2015
"Job? . . . . What Job?"
by: Brad G.

I had made comment here regarding a horrible employment experience I had. That was four years ago and I have just NOW revisited this site by chance to find that there seems to have been at least several "kindred spirits" if you will, who had added their own comments on the subject. I regret now not following up sooner as things got only worse. I should have been seeking the support that is clearly available here.

The fact is, soon after my comment and as a result of my mental and emotional state, my life spiraled out of control and I "allowed" it. I had built a career working in an industry for over 30 years when my symptoms became debilitating. Losing my job only exacerbated my already deteriorating psyche. It took me almost a MONTH just to decide whether to file for Unemployment benefits or State Disability! A MONTH! Once the Job went my marriage of 7 years soon followed. Then I lost the house I had owned for 16 years. I couldn't pull it together enough to even store any of my things and just "left" the house. Yes, i'm ashamed to say, you read correctly. Everything from the Tube of Toothpaste in the Bathroom and the brand new $500 recliner in the living room to the extra Freezer full of food in the garage and ALL things between, EVERYTHING. I told the dealer to come get the Car and I've been on the streets walking in circles since. In order to cope, I began self medicating with drugs and alcohol.

I am just now in the process of attempting to return to employment. The truth is, i'm scared to death. I'm no more well now than I was then and STILL feel entirely inept. Confused from one hour of my day to the next as I cannot so much as remember were I sat my Coffee cup just THIRTY SECONDS AGO! Much less, head up a team of highly skilled craftsmen who's duties require them to perform in a very stressful and highly sophisticated industry. Knowing I can't perform at the level I had for so many years, I've had to "dumb-down" my resume. At 55 years of age, God help me. bg 4-10-15.

Aug 29, 2011
Lost my job
by: Brad

I found myself so overwhelmed and stressed out, as my job required sophisticated technical skills and the ability to multi-task, that I stopped eating or sleeping right, lost weight, had heightened gastro-entestinal problems all adding up to poor job performance and not being fully educated about my condition, it was difficult to say the least to defend myself, I lost my job.

Mar 06, 2011
Work, Frustration and Feeling Overwhelmed
by: Jeanette

I can relate. I find sometimes that their are times that I could just run away and put my head under the covers. We are not stupid or lazy and I find that sometimes that we are sometimes too detailed in our work and we get hung up in what some people would call the little stuff. I have a dear friend she is my collegue at work and sometimes I depend on here when I go to meetings for example because I do not have the ability to spit out what I really want to say. Not only is it frustrating but you also don't to be embarrassed by what you say amongst a group of people. I love my job and what I do and I work with people in the medical profession because I am a nurse. We become obessive about details and feel that no job is done unless it is perfect in its details!!!! Some days I feel like I accomplish alot and other days I go home and say to myself you should have got this done or you should have sent this email out. I also feel that having ADHD and working outside the home, that some other task has to give in order for me to accomplish something, in other words if work is up to par the household is not. More than once I felt that if I could divorce myself, I would be filing papers today. Often times I feel jealous of others who are organized. You need to have someone supportive in your corner. My husband is very supportive and he does not laugh at me. He tells me that somtimes I just need to let things go. I believe I am fortunate to have the friends that I do that know that I am ADHD and with one look at work desk you would understand. Keep telling yourself that tomorrow is a new day. Adults with ADHD also have a tendency to procrastinate. I am looking for some good books to improve organizational skills and to stop procrastinating. I believe it also gets harder as you get older.
You can do it and I truly understand your frustration!!!

Mar 01, 2011
I had problems like that too
by: TJ Chambers

I recommend getting Deborahs book. It is going to help you understand the various aspects of ADHD.

Victory Over ADHD

I use to have problems you like did. I would get overwhelmed at work with the multitasking or remembering what I had to do, and even learn new things just I didnt grasp because of my memory. Sometimes I would hold back the tears that just wanted to burst forth. Why did I want to cry? I don't know, just being way to overwhelmed. I'm not an emotional person, so I don't understand it.

There is one thing that changed all of this for me. It answered a need in my body. I started taking this Liquid Vitamin. I tried many other supplements before, but this one changed my life like no other supplement did.

I didn't get overwhelmed as easily and I could multitask like never before and even remember what I was doing and go back to it later.

It was amazing and I still get the same results after using it for 5 years now.

If a mineral and vitamin deficiency is part of what is going wrong, this could help like it did me.

See this page to learn about the various causes of ADHD.

Mar 01, 2011
ADHD and Work Problems
by: Deborah Merlin

It might be a good idea to have your amino acid levels checked. Alternative doctors are educated on amino acid supplementation. Amino acids help calm the brain and help with focusing issues.
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