Dangers of Congressional Control of Health Care

by TJ Chambers
(Lenexa, KS, USA)

I received an email of a column that Presidential Candidate (2008) Ron Paul wrote. He addresses the issue of Congressional Control of Health Care is Dangerous for Children.

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In this column, Ron Paul discusses State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). This is a federal subsidized health care program. Ron Paul warns,
"Parents who think federally subsidized health care might be a good idea should be careful what they wish for".

When the federal government has more control over your life, the less freedoms you have. If you haven't noticed, we have less and less rights today. Our economy is suffering tragically and it hurts us all.

"Despite political rhetoric about a War on Drugs, federally-funded programs result in far more teenage drug use than the most successful pill pusher on the playground. These pills are given out as a result of dubious universal mental health screening programs for school children, supposedly directed toward finding mental disorders or suicidal tendencies."

The stimulant drugs given to children and adults for ADHD are the same classification as cocaine, the illegal drug. They are on the same scale. How does that make you feel? Hopefull concerned.

These drugs cause problems like depression, psychosis, addiction, and other symptoms. You are trying to help your and your child's symptoms, not create more problems.

If the use of stimulant medications are on the rise that cause psychosis, then that means psychosis medications have to also be on the rise.

"The use of antipsychotic medication in children has increased fivefold between 1995 and 2002. More than 2.5 million children are now taking these medications, and many children are taking multiple drugs at one time."

Do you understand that? If not, I can break it down very simple for you. Watch this video on Deadly stimulant medication.

Basically here is how it works. A drug company makes a drug. This drug has side effects, like psychosis. It will take some time for this side effect to get into full effect. So they work on their new drug, an anti-psychosis pill. You see, they create their own market. You will be hooked for life.

If you get in to far, there may not be a way out. This is why I took the natural method. Did you know that a mind control drug is Amphetamine and Amphetamine sulphate?

What is an ingredient in a very popular ADHD Drug, Adderall? Amphetamine Sulfate. You can see that these drugs can be used for multiple things.

"With universal mental health screening being implemented in schools, pharmaceutical companies stand to increase their customer base even more, and many parents are rightfully concerned. Opponents of one such program called TeenScreen, claim it wrongly diagnoses children as much as 84% of the time, often incorrectly labeling them, resulting in the assigning of medications.."

Opponents claims that 84% of children in the government health screening programs are misdiagnosed. That is a lot of money in the medication companies hands.

As Ron Paul said, These kind of programs should be resisted. If you think that they have to have your consent to do a health screening, you are wrong. They are trying to make it part of the curriculum.

If this happens, no consent is needed. The other thing is that a consent waiver is sent home. If it isn't returned, then they assume that it means go ahead.

There are cases where the governemnt forces parents to have their child undergo Chemo for cancer against their will.

Chemo kills people and is not a cure or treatment for cancer.

What will be next? Forcing you to put your child on ADHD treatment of their choice and if you don't comply, they take your child away and put you in jail?

View the full column "This article has been removed from the internet" - Congressional Control of Health Care is Dangerous for Children

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Aug 07, 2012
Another view for you~
by: Nancy K. Emmons

Earth supplies us w/medications,the nature way! My son also had ADHD his school had a professional diagnosed him & of course gave him speed medication & when he stopped that, the addiction continued. He’s been in treatment thank all that’s good, we stopped it before it got too bad. I always knew that Mother Earth had all we need to sustain our lives but we are depleting her & taking more then she can give. I beg to differ on Marajwanna,it’s Mothers own potent plants that relax us & offers relief from pain, as well as put a drunken person down to sleep. Lol, it truly is an alternative over them going in a drunken spin,I will attest to this myself!I know trust that one day we will find the cure for many things(we already do have them)for all Illnesses, also, I know that as long as ppl walk for any cure,esp cancer...we will never have the cure! Moneys more important & when they stop marching into brick walls,medical science will have no choice but to come out w/the cures!Thank you for giving me this chance to have another view for you~

Aug 05, 2012
Medications have thier place
by: Phatlarry

Coming from the "consumer" view, in my case medication was necessary to give me back some sort of "balance" in my life, tho I agree that medications and counter medications are overly prescribed by over zealous doctors, however some doctors do need to medicate symptoms that are displayed by thier patients, that is thier job. I don't think that the problem is the pharmaceutical companies but rather the patient or relatives of the patient being unaware of any alternatives to the use of medication. Especially with something as Complex as AD/HD the triggers and symptoms range from person to person so should the treatment. It's upto the individuals to explore their options as we all know that the first thing a registered doctor will do is put a pill in your mouth and keep doing it until you display no more symptoms, that's thier job. My job is to work out whether that is the best thing for me and make an educated deduction from there. Thanks for all your info TJ, it's helping me learn about this wierd n wonderful blessing n curse that they call ADHD...

Aug 05, 2012
Sad, but True!
by: Brent

Great piece on your perspective of the direction our society is heading in by giving the government the control over our health care system. It seems that it's a slipper slope we've already begun sliding down, what is going to stop it? An all-out revolt? How do you think parents will be able to legally sidestep the system if they choose to treat their children's issues naturally, yet legally?

Aug 05, 2012
Agree on one point, disagree on the other
by: Dr Charles Parker

Many issues here, way to many to deal with in detail, except to say that you are quite right on the larger picture, the federal government is already changing the face of customized, personalized health care by supporting the commoditization of ADHD care with the current substandard set of outdated labels.

The current diagnostic system only works if you are a complete neophyte and have no clear idea about brain function - only thinking about appearances.
Superficial diagnosis does work often, but far too many suffer with misunderstandings and missed medication objectives - where I do concur with your concerns.

Do remember that the current system is not "all bad," - it does however need considerable improvement. Let's save our energy to argue against what specifically is wrong, not condemn the entire system.

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