Hemp CBD Oil Helps 7 Year Old with ADHD, Autism, ODD, and Sensory Processing Disorder

Samantha shares the story, from her daughter, of how hemp cbd oil is helping her 7 year old grandson Axle that struggles with ADHD, high functioning Autism, ODD, and sensory processing disorder. She has seen the change in him and says it is, "Amazing"!

hemp cbd oil helps 7 year old with autism adhd odd and sensory processing disorder

Miranda, the mother of Axle, shares that the conditions mentioned above are only some of the diagnoses her son has. The ones mentioned are the most difficult to handle. He has been in therapy since he was 2 years old (5 years). Part of the therapy, he sees a psychiatrist on a regular basis. He attends school and has an IEP.

Part of the process many parents go through, they try many different medications. She has tried this with him but didn't see the results she hoped for.

It breaks her heart to see people look at her son differently and treat him different. He feels it and it hits him hard.

Even their family members treat him differently and get annoyed with him easily and quickly. This is the most painful scenario given it is family doing this too since they should be more understanding. She has tried so many things to help him fit in, calm down, and to cope with his condition.

She kept hitting a dead end.

Started CBD Oil

She started him on CBD Oil a month and a half ago. She noticed he doesn't have as many meltdowns and he is starting to calm down and it is easier to calm him down. He also sleeps better with less nightmares. His behavior with other children his age is improving while playing.

There are so much more that could be said that is improving and she is so happy with the results.

Disclaimer: There isn't a guarantee you or your child will experience the same results as this is their personal experience. The FDA has not evaluated or approved this product or CBD Oil to cure or treat or prevent any diseases or disorders. If you learn more about the product I am recommending and purchase it from me, I will earn a commission.