Is this ADHD?

by Tyler

Image & copyright by: daveynin, Ridin' the wind on ATV

Image & copyright by: daveynin, Ridin' the wind on ATV

Hey was wondering if might have ADHD this is my life story in short I always did horrible in high school forget every thing

very talkative person but always kinda of why don't really like to make eye contacts have a good number of friends a lot of hobbies diesel fishing driving ridding atvs

my problem is I'm 20 years hold my life is so crazy my lack of attention almost caused a wreck yesterday I never been tested with any thing I know my mom what really strict when I younger and forced me though and I had a little extra gel don't know for tho graduated high school with reg diploma

in College now grades bad had my iq test in 3 grade and must recently to see it was 145 so I thing that okay but I feel like retard can do any thing longer then like two mins every through this I typing so fast I bet half my words are spelt wrong thanks for reading

Image source: Image by: daveynin, Ridin' the wind on ATV

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Nov 05, 2016
Try this test and read these pages
by: TJ

It is hard to say if you could have ADHD with such little information. Only a doctor can diagnose you with ADHD.

Did you try taking this test and see how you do? It could give you an indication if you have ADHD.

ADHD Test.

You also can check out this post where someone also asked, do I have Adhd?.

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