Adderall, An ADHD Child's Legal Cocaine

by TJ Chambers

I have been saying for the last 5 years, Adderall (& stimulant drugs) are dangerous. They are in the same classification as the illegal drug, cocaine. Just look at the side effects of "speed" and that is the same that you can expect from taking stimulant medication.

If you would like to look at the bad side effects of Adderall that has been disclosed by the manufacturer, just look at this page.

Not all side effects are disclosed or even known about because of the short testing period.

I just came across this article that you should also check out. Adderall and other stimulants have been sold for years to other students from young to college age.

"Interviews with health-care experts, university officials, police and students found:

Overall use of Adderall is growing on campuses, and the drug is regularly abused by those with or without a prescription. It helps users stay alert as they cram for tests while coping with hangovers or lack of sleep.

Adderall is readily available on the black market, usually sold or given away by those with prescriptions.

Studies indicate long-term users can face side effects including sleep disruption, headaches, dependency and tics.

Adderall also can cause mood changes, erectile dysfunction and create or exacerbate mental health problems.

Doctors can be convinced to prescribe the drug by students who claim to have ADHD symptoms."


"Corporations work with the field of biological psychiatry to create huge markets for their medications for ADHD and bipolar and depressive disorders. While these medications are hyped as being a cure for mental disorders, their dangerous side effects and long-term consequences are underreported. Sometimes they can even create or perpetuate the very mental disorders that they are supposed to cure."

Drugs are not the answer. People do find instant relief with them though. That is a problem. Then what also happens is their relief goes away. The doctors start explaining away what has happened and increases their dosage (think about drug users that need higher amounts to keep getting high) and adds other drugs to counter act the side effects.

Many people try alternative "natural" remedies and therapies. They find that these just don't work. I agree with them, they don't.

You can find out here why they don't work.

The good news is that you will also learn about what does work. I know it works because it is what has changed my life. I use the same to help other people and they start to see results.

Deborah Merlin also tells her story in her book, Victory over ADHD and the things she was able to do.

When you understand the body, and symptoms are the "check engine light", you go to the root cause and heal it. Drugs do not get to the root cause and they destroy, not heal.

I will end with this story and its a perfect analogy.

My sister in law called a few times asking about radiator sealant. She wanted to know how to use it so plug a hole in the radiator because the antifreeze kept leaking out.

So I told her how to use it. Simple enough, radiator fluid keeps draining, its an old car, so there probably is a hole. For some reason she just didn't get it. So then I started asking her about the problem and how she knew it was the radiator. Well, she didn't really.

I went to her house and we put the fluid in the radiator. It didn't leak out the radiator. It was a hole in the radiator hose.

Ok, we found the root cause, a hole in the hose!

We took the sealant back and got the new hose, and the other one (to deter any future problems) and some antifreeze. We fixed it up, put the fluid in, and started the car.

All good right?


The temp rose to high when it should have regulated it.

How could I have forgotten, we should have replaced the thermostat. Those go bad easily. So back to the store, bought a thermostat.

Took the hose back off, replaced the thermostat and put the hose back on.

Now everything worked fine and it has been running better than ever.

They saw the temp running high for a long time. Symptom 1 - ignored

Then for a couple weeks, the antifreeze leaked out. Symptom 2 - They just kept putting water back in which allows the temp to run hotter anyway and can severely damage the car.

The root cause appeared to be the radiator, but it didn't leak there so it couldn't be. Sealant wouldn't have helped. The next root cause appeared to be a faulty hose, but that only fixed the antifreeze leakage and not the rising temp.

The reason the hose had a hole in it, was because there was so much pressure in the coolant system from a faulty thermostat that it found the weakest spot and blew through there.

With regular maintenance, the thermostat would have been replaced and this would never of happened.

Our bodies are kinda like cars. We don't take care of them, feed them with junk, and they give us "signals" (symptoms) that tell us something is wrong.

If you medicate them, its only putting duct tape around the hole for it to blow later or cause other symptoms.

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