Colloidal Gold ADHD

Colloidal Gold ADHD. Is there a benefit to using gold to help ADHD? This is something interesting that is new to me. I really would like to know if gold does help with ADHD. Lets look at some of the benefits of gold and what it can provide.

For centuries, gold has been used by American Indians for many purposes. After boiling a gold nugget in water, the shaman (medicine man or curandero) would give the water to the patient to drink for a variety of health benefits. Primarily the gold water was used to promote mental health and well-being.

(Please don't try this at home.)

Mental health?!?! Now we are talking. That is headed in the right direction. Did you know that B Vitamins are beneficial for ADHD? Check the page out and see for your self.

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Before you run out and buy gold, please read the bad about Colloidal Gold.

Benefits of Gold (Key to better health?)

Colloidal Gold ADHD

Healthy joints
Normal weight management
Circulatory health
Healthy cellular replication
Healthy body temperature
Clear, composed, and positive disposition
Healthy sleeping patterns
Chemical independence
Healthy brain function
Healthy skin tissue
Healthy digestion
Healthy gland function
Seasonal emotional wellness

These have not been reviewed by the FDA and these benefits may or may not result. Gold is not a cure or treatment.

Looking at the benefits that may result, I'd say I would give it a try. At this time, I don't know of a gold product that is beneficial.

Looking at each colloidal gold ADHD benefit individually, there are some things that may show that gold can be beneficial for ADHD.

1) Healthy cellular replication
It is important to have healthy cellular replication. Much of what we eat messes with our cells because we are not providing good nutrition to them. Every part of our body is made up of cells. If our cells are unhealthy, our body breaks down. This is why it is important to take a good liquid vitamin and mineral supplement like I do.

The more healthy cells you have, the better your body will perform.

2) Clear, composed, and positive disposition (mood)
If you are anything like me, a positive and clear mood is something that is desperately needed. I have mood swings that can be terrible. I am thankful for the liquid vitamin that I use that eliminates the mood swings. The same company also makes this gold product.

A clear, composed, and positive disposition is important. We need to feel good!

3) Healthy sleeping patterns
People with ADHD tend to have more energy then they need. They also have problems sleeping. Either not able to get to sleep or stay asleep. If you don't have good sleep, it affects everything like focus, mood, concentration, overall health and so on.

4) Chemical independence
This has to do with being free from chemicals which can be drugs. Some people with ADHD may be addicted to the ADHD stimulant medication and need independence from it.

5) Healthy brain function
ADHD affects the brain. A healthy functioning brain is very important.

6) Healthy digestion
Healthy digestion is also important. The foods need to be digested to get the minerals and vitamins and nutrition. If your food isn't digestion, you are not getting the nutrition. You also will develop other problems. Undigested food in the bowels will cause weight gain (bigger stomach) and eventually diabetes.

It also toxifies the body because the waste sits in the bowels and the toxins re-absorb into the body.

7) Healthy gland function
Glands help to control the hormones of the body. This is important for everything. Hormones control how the thyroid operates which can directly affect how our brain is feeling. If you are tired all the time, under or above weight, problems with motivation, fogginess, and these kinds of things can be related to hormones and the thyroid out of balance.

8) Seasonal emotional wellness
Emotional wellness is great! No need to explain.

Colloidal Gold Warning

Colloidal products aren't the best to use. Colloidal minerals are not in a good source to be used by the body. The colloidal metals (gold, silver, and so on) actually have the metal in them. Dr Block from Houston Texas says that most people with Autism and ADHD have a heavy metal problem.

When Heavy metals are on the brain, it can cause proper functioning problems. So, you don't want a (colloidal gold ADHD)product with the actual metals in them even though the current research says you can have so many heavy metals in your body and be safe.