Control ADHD With Diet, an ADHD Diet

An ADHD Diet to help you control ADHD with diet is crucial to eliminating ADHD symptoms.

Even though diet plays a big role, it can't be solely relied on. Use this process with medications or (preferably) vitamin and mineral supplements.

When I was doing a research paper on ADHD, I came across a quote that a doctor made. She said, "When you feed a person with ADHD, you are feeding the brain and not the stomach" (I can't remember what her name is). If this doesn't make sense, I will break it down.

Everything that a person, with this disorder, eats, it has an effect in some part of their body. It might cause their brain or body to be wired, their emotions to spin out of control, or some other way. This is why ADHD diets are so important. It will remove the irritants that cause these reactions.

I read a book that talks specifically about diet and ingredients. It is a must read for all people. Read Dr Colbert's, What You Don't Know May Be Killing You!

I know personally when I eat, shortly after, I start feeling things. I am very in-tune with my body. When I eat a piece of a certain type of bread, I can feel my brain starting to "spin". To control ADHD with diet, its important to keep these kinds of foods out of your body.

This also happens with other types of foods. See the ADHD symptoms page for the symptoms that a person with this disorder can have.

Some types of foods make my mood swing. I can be happy and content as I am eating and shortly after eating, I feel my emotions sliding into a depression and an overwhelming feeling comes on me. Sometimes I feel like crying.

Other foods make my body wired and I start moving and don't stop. There are foods that can combine any of the results. Just think of our bodies (us with this disorder) being very sensitive. We can't have just anything.

The other issue is blood sugar. Your body needs protein. If you don't eat it, you either spike it, or it just drops. If you spike it, it will drop. Both of these result in a low blood sugar that causes mood swings and focus and concentration problems.

If you get the diet right, you wont have the irritants and you will stabilize the blood sugar.

This is why I feel you can help control ADHD with diet.

For example, someone that is allergic to flowers or the pollen in them. It doesn't matter how beautiful or what type of flower you bring, if this person smells it, they will have a reaction. Their body has a sensitivity to this.

If you eat a breakfast loaded with sugar (breakfast bars, cereal), then you will spike the sugar and a crash will come.

If you don't eat anything, then you will just run on low blood sugar.

If you get good protein in the right amounts through out the day, you will eliminate this problem.

ADHD Diets

Feingold Diet - read about this ADHD Diet Miracle where a mother was able to control ADHD with diet, that changed her son's life.

Gluten Free Diet

Download these two free guides. The first is a shopping guide and the other is information about gluten and its effects.

Visit the Gluten Free Chef for more information about a gluten free diet.

How I Eat

My ADHD diet, right now, mainly consists of protein shakes, chicken, (sometimes meat - beef, lamb, buffalo) fish, vegetables (fresh mixed green salad and other vegetables). I don't consume much fruit which should be treated more like a dessert because of the natural sugar content.

Combining the diet with a herbal supplements, vitamins, and minerals is the most effective way to control ADHD symptoms..

Also, I love sushi (no weird stuff - shrimp, crab, octopus) and eat it sometimes but not to often because of all the rice (high carb content). Eating fresh foods, preferably raw, is the best.

Some say that certain fish can have metals in them which get into the brain of the consumer's body when consumed. Once this happens it causes the brain to have ADHD symptoms.

Others say that an ADHD diet should consist of a lot of fish. Go figure.

I think that eating less fish is the best because of the heavy metals but the good omega 3 oils are needed.

My Morning

It is very important to start the morning with a good amount of protein. You want the blood sugar to stay stable.

30 grams is the protein requirement for every meal for my height and weight (5'8" 150 lbs) per the book, "The Protein Power Life Plan".

I also take pro biotic, omega 3 capsules, and my supplements.


If I need a snack, then I will eat a peanut butter protein bar from or eat some mixed nuts or some other kind of protein snack.

It is important to keep up the protein through out the day. It helps to keep the blood sugars stable.


I will have some mixed greens salad with olive oil (or Omega 3-6-9 salad oil) and some seasoning I enjoy, some meat, and I need to add more. Its not enough protein. I'm still working on this.


Dinner is the same as lunch unless my wife makes something else like fish and vegetables.


Evening snack is the same as the morning snack if needed.

You can control ADHD with diet, but its effects are limited. Make sure you combine it with good vitamin and mineral supplements.

I hope this page at least was a good start for you to control ADHD with diet in your own life.

If you would like to contact me, feel free to do so. If you have any questions or comments about ADHD diet, please fill out the form below and I will respond. Other visitors to the site will also contribute to your question.

TJ Chambers

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