ADHD Alternative Treatment To Help ADHD Symptoms

There are many kinds of ADHD alternative treatments. As technology grows, so does the types of treatments. The alternative treatments range from vitamin and mineral supplements, pills, and gold to video games.

It is possible that the body is deficient of B12 vitamins and that is why a person can't focus, concentrate, or even sleep well.

I am not a doctor and can't prescribe anything, but I can let you know about the new developments, what others are doing, and what has helped me.

Some call alternative treatments, ADHD alternative medications. They aren't medications unless it has to be prescribed by a doctor or is bought over the counter at a drug store.

They also are called ADHD alternative treatments and shouldn't be done so unless prescribed by a doctor or if it really is a treatment. Since we aren't prescribing anything to each other, we should be safe.

With the new warning labels required by the FDA, people will become more open to try things other than medications. The FDA and pharmaceutical companies will not like this. That is money lost in their pockets.

I came across a new alternative treatment. It is healthy music therapy. Strange, I know. How could music be healthy? This music uses frequencies that have been identified by EEG's (Electroencephalograph). Don't miss this section to learn more about healthy music.

It use to be that people were treated to make them whole. Natural remedies were used to make people well again. Some were good and others weren't. When helping to make someone whole, their habits and life were observed. Today doctors mainly treat symptoms.

This is my example that I always use. When someone has a soar foot from a splinter, they need the splinter removed. What they don't need is an aspirin every day to stop the pain while the splinter is intact. They also don't need the foot removed because the pain doesn't stop and the condition gets worse.

This is a horrible way of doing things.

How Can This Apply to ADHD?

We know what problems exist with this condition. Hyperactivity, focus, and concentration problems and so on.

We need to be on a strict diet. I will talk about that in the diet section. We also need plenty of exercise to burn off our energy.

I found out this year that we need proper nutrition. I found this out because I changed the vitamin and mineral supplement that I was using. It completely changed how I feel and my over all concentration and focus ability.

For ADHD, a liquid supplement is the only way for me to go.

Did you know that most diseases and disorders can be traced back to a mineral deficiency? All most the whole population of the US is mineral deficient. I will talk more about this in the vitamin and mineral supplements section.

You also can learn how to choose the right supplement.

When you read through these different treatments, keep an open mind. They don't all work the same for everyone.

I continued to try things until I found one that was far superior to the others.

Of course we can't limit everything to one. I use diet, supplements, and exercise to help me.

You will find links below to the ADHD alternative treatments.

PlayAttention ADHD Video Game Treatment

Akili Interactive ADHD Video Game Treatment

ADHD Liquid Vitamin

Omega 3

Control ADHD With Diet

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