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You will find unique ADHD articles on this page as compared to some of the most popular pharmacuetical ADHD front companies out there. I do my very best to provide information to help people naturally and to share the things I have learned about ADHD. So, that is what my articles are about.

"Exposing the bad that is harming us and showing the way to the good." While medications are very dangerous, there are people that only want medications and that is their Right to choose that.

That wont stop me from warning people about the dangers but at the same time respecting their Right of choice.

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Where do I begin with my child with severe adhd and behavioral anger issues 
I received this in my email from a parent with an ADHD child and I wanted to share it with you incase you are in this situation. My 8 yr old son has …

Fiji Water Vs Tap Vs Alternatives 
I came across a video with the same ol story, bottled water vs tap water. I used to be a big bottle water drinker but something happened to me that …

How to not get sick 
I was drinking this magic potion at work and my supervisor asked me what that was. I carry around this hard plastic container everywhere I go. It …

Do medications really damage the liver? 
Over in our Facebook group someone posted a question. Now, many times, this is very challenging for me because... ...people don't know what they …

ADHD Diet and Easy Gardening for Fresh Produce 
How to have fresh, organic produce for your family in the cheapest way possible. This is also a great family activity that can be done together while …

To Medicate or Not to Medicate to Treat ADHD Symptoms 
Warning: Never discontinue taking stimulants or antidepressants without first consulting your health care professional. The withdrawal symptoms can be …

Rise of ADHD and Autism 
We face an epidemic of neurological and learning disorders that can’t be explained away by simple genetics. The Centers for Disease Control report that …

Dangers of Congressional Control of Health Care 
I received an email of a column that Presidential Candidate (2008) Ron Paul wrote. He addresses the issue of Congressional Control of Health Care is Dangerous …

Food Coloring Causes Hyperactivity 
When people contact me for help with ADHD, one of the things I tell everyone is, "Eliminate artificial colorings and ingredients from the diet". …

A Child Explains - ADHD Is Real - Not An Excuse Not rated yet
So often I hear people say or see people write about how ADHD is an excuse. They believe that no one suffers with the symptoms and it is an excuse to …

Dole & Other Brand Salads Linked To Listeria Outbreak Not rated yet
If you are eating packaged salads from any of these brands, make sure you read the rest of this article. The CDC has recommended that all consumers and …

Does Gluten Free Mean It Is Healthy? Not rated yet
Some people believe that certain labels, like gluten free or organic, instantly make food healthy. I remember watching Kate Plus 8 and Kate said she …

The Natural Tea That Causes Miscarriages and Labor Not rated yet
Im sure you have heard about studies done on medications, supplements, foods, herbs, etc. In a lot of cases, the outcome is not the honest truth but …

ADHD with Co-Morbidity symptoms Not rated yet
Because of my job I've been lucky enough to hear leading doctors teach other doctors about ADHD and Co-Morbidity. I realized not everyone is that lucky. …

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