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ADHD Message Boards & ADHD Forums

The General chat category is a great place to introduce yourself and ask questions and answer others. As we see a need for specific topic pages, we will add those.

Special Note: Children See the special note above the Submission box below.


The ADHD Diet category is to discuss the effects of diet and how to have a proper diet.

ADHD Research

The ADHD Research category is to discuss the research you have come across or discovered on your own

ADHD Alternative Treatments

The ADHD Alternative Treatments category is where we discuss the alternatives to medications to reduce ADHD symptoms naturally.

ADHD Medicine Treatments

The ADHD Medicine Treatments category is a where we discuss medications, whether good or bad.

Omega 3

The Omega 3 category is a where we discuss Omega 3 and its great benefits.

Adult ADHD

The Adult ADHD category is where we focus on how ADHD effects adults and what we can do about it..


The Adderall category is where the heated discussions go on about how awesome Adderall is and how terrible it is.

ADHD Sleep Disorders

The ADHD Sleep Disorders category is where we discuss the sleeping problems that people with ADHD encounter and how to get a good nights rest.

ADHD Gifted

The ADHD Gifted category is where we discuss the amazing gifts that people with ADHD have. You will be shocked at how gifted we are.

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ADHD Message Boards General ADHD Forums Chat

Ask questions about ADHD and answer questions. Connect with others that have ADHD or those that support people with ADHD like Moms, Dads, husbands, wives, grandparents, and those I missed.

Special Note: Children (thats you if you are under 18), do not provide any personal (leave off your last name) and contact information what so ever. We don't want harmful people to try and contact you. Thank you for following this. If you would like a page for you to connect with other ADHD children, let me know and I will create one. Even there, do not give out personal and contact information.

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Is this ADHD? 
Hey was wondering if might have ADHD this is my life story in short I always did horrible in high school forget every thing very talkative person but …

I need desperate help! 
Hi! Your site is VERY helpful. I just took the ADHD Assessment Test on your site, and got 57. I really do think I have it, since a lot of symptoms I read …

My name is Kim Bundy i am 18 years old. When i was about 5 or 6 my pshychiatrist said that i may have adhd but i never listened to them and i always used …

help with adult son with adhd 
my 26 year old son was only diagnosed when he was 20 after getting in trouble with the police, whilst in hospital after being injured by the officer, his …

ADHD and Parent Working 
Hello, I have a son who has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. My son is 7 and has been suspended from school twice with numerous afterschool detentions. …

Please Help!!!!! I don't know what to do.... 
My daughter is 7 years old and is one of Quadruplets. Since she was little I have questioned things. She is easily distracted and has a very hard time …

boss with adhd 
my boss is a using drug addict an alcoholic and has adhd. He drives me crazy and is starting to threaten me and my family. I am thinking about starting … child has become aggressive and defiant. 
My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD over a year ago when she was in the 3rd grade. Prior to a diagnosis, I knew she had issues with attention and I tried …

State help with adhd 
I have a seven year old with adhd and I was wondering if I could get the state to help me get him his own aide when he is in school.

ADHD and sensitive to noise. 
My child is 14 years old and was diagnosed with ADHD several years ago. He has always been very sensitive to noises such as sirens, horns, anything that …

do i have adhd? 
i struggled at school and lacked alot of concentration, organising my things together for class, too easily distracted and often had temper out usts due …

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and ADHD 
I have twin grandsons we are raising. They are FAS babies. (Fetal Alcohol syndrome) They have diagnosed both with ADHD. I feel this was done for lack of …

ADHD and Athletes 
I am looking for some information on Adhd and athletes. I am a high level college and national team athlete that just got diagnosed with adhd. I can relate …

Welcome to ADHD Message Boards & ADHD Forums 
I want to welcome you to the ADHD Message Boards & ADHD Forums. I hope you find this useful and what you are looking for. It is very simple to post questions …

Liquid Vitamin and Omega 3 
I have a 9 year old who presents adhd and asperger's. He started to take Concerta at age of 7, and at age of 8 I started to give him a vitamin supplement …

ADHD AND MSG Not rated yet
i have been doing a lot of research with msg and adhd my daughter was diagnosed with adhd when she was 3 years old , she was outta control not listening …

Can't get help with ADHD Not rated yet
Hi, I believe that I have ADHD but my mother does not. I took the ADHD self-assessment test here and I scored a 41. When my mother did the assessment for …

Out of control 4 year old. Not rated yet
The parenting forums don't get as much traffic as it does here. I'm hoping this is just a phase but for the last couple months my 4 year old DS has …

ADHD... or not Not rated yet
i strongly believe my son has be wrongly diagnosed with ADHD and has been put on Ritalin without any other course being tried beforehand. i have started …

34 y.o. w/ ADD..maybe depression.. or bipolar? Not rated yet
I'm 34 years old and I have a very hard time maintaining focus on things that I need to do.. And a lot of times things I am very interested in. It has …

adult severe adhd treated but the father is not Not rated yet
im a adult male 52 severe adhd. how i found out was getting in trouble with amphetamines at age 46. younger i didnt listen to my father much. now that …

Fun and Stimulating Reading Resource Not rated yet
I came across a website that has interactive videos, games, and songs to help children learn to read. The categories are for 18 months & up, 3 years & …

What is ADHD? Not rated yet
An answer, hopefully a simple one, to your question, What is ADHD? ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a set of behavioral …

Support Group For Adults With ADD/ADHD in NYC Not rated yet
If you have ADD/ADHD & Live in NYC, the Manhattan Adult ADD Support Group can offer information & a sense of community. Please visit …

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    Hey was wondering if might have ADHD this is my life story in short I always did horrible in high school forget every thing very talkative person but

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